Lashes and brows are the important “frame” setting that greatly enhances the natural color of eyes.  This Duo Lash Comb and Brow Brush Groomer set is your tool gateway in creating beautifully groomed and turned out brows and lashes.  It features an eco friendly design with a bamboo handle, a sleek ferule made with recycled aluminum, and dense nylon bristles are 100% cruelty-free.  This precision tool is essential in achieving the full fan look of beautifully separated lashes and clean looking brows – whether dense or sparse – and it can be used with wet or dry products.  You will never want to be without one!

Use the bristle brush side and move it through the brow hair from the roots to lift hairs, groom, and arch them into the shape you desire – especially before tweezing, or as a prep step if you are using colored brow gel, or a wax based fixative.  You can also apply a brow color powder or pencil, and then blend it in seamlessly with the brush, especially before applying a fixative or setting gel.  The brush is great to use after foundation work to make sure no product is left in the brow before coloring, or simply brushing out a color application that needs some softening too.

The fine tooth lash comb evenly separates lashes before, during and after a mascara application to remove excess mascara, clumps, or flakes for a beautiful, uniform fanned out look.  You can also use the lash comb underneath the lash line combing upward, or on top of the lash line, combing outward for perfect and even separation.  It can also be used on the brows to give them a meticulously polished red carpet look!

For best results, clean or wipe brush and comb after each use.

6.75 inch (171.5 mm) long.

Weight 0.1 oz


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