Artists and stylists are all about simple and precise ways to do their work efficiently and neatly, and with minimal cleaning required afterwards.  The White Makeup Cape is a perfect fit, not only around the neck and shoulders of your client or talent but the ease in use, performance, and simple disposal makes it the ideal sanitary choice at a very economical price per cape.   Unlike plasticized makeup capes where powdery type products tend to slip off, this cape neatly catches all fall-outs or over sprays whether its powder or liquid, keeping clothing protected.

The lightweight material is made out of non-woven polypropylene and fashioned in a one size fits all stylish cape with a custom fit adjustable Velcro neck closure.  If desired, any wrinkling in the material can be lightly steamed out.  Each cape comes folded flat and individually wrapped in a clear poly bag.  The white material is the right choice over traditional black fabric style capes because it will reflect light to the face for fuller illumination, unlike black that absorbs and pulls light rays away from the face.  It’s perfect to use not only for beauty and hair needs, but to protect clothing from makeup special effects applications, false hair and adhesives, and bald cap applications too.

One Size. Dimensions: Overall width is approximately 28.5″ / 72.39 cm.  Neck opening is approximately 8.5″ / 21.59 cm.  Width from neck line to base is approximately 11″ /27.94 cm.  Adjustable Velcro closure.

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