Deluxe Lip Wand Disposable Applicator has a high quality doe-foot flocked felt tip specifically designed with an angled head to apply your lip or other makeup products with smooth and targeted precision. The felt tip construction on a strong and sturdy acrylic handle holds up much longer and stronger than sponge tip applicators do, so they are definitely heavy duty use if the need arises.

These applicators are great to use when multiple brush use on a job is not practical or sanitary. They can also be used to dab on your favorite concealer to a specific area for blending, or applying small amounts of glue for lashes, glitter, face jewels, etc.  Most of all these applicators will not collapse or shred under pressure, and will allow you to apply your cosmetics in a very hygienic sanitary manner without cross-contaminating your makeup products.

Size: 3 3/4" long. Sold in packages of 25 count.

Weight 0.1 oz


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