The Curved Silicone Makeup and Skin Care Applicator has been hailed as “Foundation’s Best Friend” because it can help deliver a smooth airbrush-like appearance to your foundation finish.  It’s soft and flexible shape easily conforms to the task at hand to deliver precise control and results.  Unlike those firmer textured egg-shaped silicone applicators, that make it harder to get into the fine detail areas, this tool moves with an easy touch on the skin to smooth your makeup exactly where you want it for flawless coverage and smoothest looking results.  There is no wasting of products when using this applicator as the silicone is non-porous, and does not absorb any product whatsoever, so you can use every drop you paid for!

It can be used to apply all kinds of liquid and creamy makeup products – even stick foundations, concealers, contouring creams, you name it!  You only need to use drops to deliver precise amounts, and without the waste or soaking up of product the way traditional sponges do.   You can also use it to simply apply the majority of your work, and then do final finishing touches with a makeup brush or sponge to further blend out the final results.   It’s an extra help alongside your current methods, because it greatly reduces or eliminates product waste, because it won’t absorb any makeup or skin care product.   It also won’t absorb dirt, germs, bacteria or dead skin cells, so it is completely hygienic.  Simply give the applicator a quick rinse with soap and water and dry between uses.

The same goes for your important skin care liquids and creams, in delivering a smooth, even and thin application in the most hygienic way, and without wasting drop.  The soft texture of the medical grade silicone makes it perfect to use on all skin types without irritation to even the most sensitive of skins.  You can even toss it in the freezer to chill and use it as an under eye puffiness reducer!  The chilled applicator is great to use to tap eye cream around the eyes too.

To use the applicator effectively, apply a few drops of product to the skin and begin daubing and tapping the makeup or skin care product repeatedly in a soft stippling motion as you move the product around the face.  Tap repeatedly, over and over, to blend and settle the product.  The more you practice this simultaneous motion the better and quicker in achieving the desired results.

Cleans easily with soap and water.

Measurement: 5.20 inch (132.1 mm)

Weight 0.1 oz


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