Curved Metal Teeth Eyelash Comb has unique features not found in traditional eyelash combs and flip out eyelash brushes that are straight shape design.  The contour of this comb’s teeth fits perfectly and safely with the natural contour of the eyelid and how the lashes normally grow, so you get full extension and volume control like never before.  The teeth are also tapered so you can easily customize your results in building and separating lashes while using even the heaviest coats of mascara.  You get better and more beautifully shaped results when you can work with lashes closer to the roots, especially when blending them in with a false lash application.

The wide open ergonomic vertical design with an easy grip handle gives clear visibility of eyes and lashes at every stroke.  The specially designed eye guard protects delicate skin tissues and keeps and keeps the lashes within the teeth of the comb for maximum results.  Used properly, it won’t injure or damage lashes or pull them out so it’s a safe tool to use around the eyes.  The comb’s contour allows you to easily lift all lashes simultaneously at the root to cleanly separate them, and instantly removes those dreaded clumps that often happens with mascara applications.  The results are a clean build of mascara products for fuller and more defined eyelash beauty results.

This comb’s ergonomic design with protective rounded side guards make it an absolute must have tool for every professional artist to enhance their mascara and false lash application skills for maximum fullness and length results.  It’s super travel friendly and takes up virtually no space in a makeup kit or bag.  It’s easy to sanitize for use in between clients too.  Best of all you can heat it to help enhance and hold the curl in the lashes, especially when blending a false lash application into the natural lashes.

Tool Length: 5.35 “ x 1.02” / 13.6 x 2.6 cm.  Handle material: black coated steel.  Includes protective cover on comb’s teeth.

Weight 0.1 oz


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