Sea sponges are perfect for applying dry cake (pancake type) makeup that is water activated.  The synthetic white polyurethane or latex sponges don't work as well for applying these kinds of makeup.  Used damp, sea sponges don't absorb nearly as much product as the synthetic sponges do. 

You can achieve a smooth and even job of applying water activated cake makeup, and some artists even like to use them to apply thinned out cream type makeup.  Great to use for liquid body makeup too.

These natural sea foam sponges are great to use for special makeup effects. It allows the artist to achieve irregular patterns and texturing when using a stippling technique, or to apply washes of color for a more transparent look.

To use simply hydrate the sponge with water and wring out to the desired wetness.  Available in 3" and 5" sizes, and sponges can be cut or torn to further customize the desired shape and size you need.  Reusable and long lasting when cared for properly.  After each use, wash in warm water with a mild soap.  Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.

NOTE: Since these are naturally grown sponges, the shapes, dimensions and sizes are unique, and will vary from one sponge to another. 

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