Taklon™ nylon brushes are a staple tool in every professional makeup artist's kit and on-set bag, and a must for anyone applying cream based makeup products for a more precise finish.  This #10 Oval is the most versatile and efficient brush size you will frequently use with all kinds of wet cosmetic applications, as it consistently holds it's shape as you move product around. 

This is very important when you need to use less pressure in your movement to achieve very thin, skin-like results in a layering of a thick consistency product, such as Keromask® Concealer, or other types of camouflage creams.

It's fast and quick on the job as a lip color brush applying a perfect lip outline and fill-in with one lip color, using the flat "knife" side edges to outline and then using the wider flat surface to quickly fill in lips.  These brushes are made of the finest Taklon™ nylon filament so they don't build up or absorb wet products like animal hair brushes do, and they clean up fast and ready for multiple uses on the job.

The #10 Oval Taklon™ brush is great for touch up work under the eyes, spot concealing on the face, or applying other kinds of specialized, wet type makeup products.  These brushes are proudly American made with smooth lacquered hardwood handles, and nickel ferrules double-crimped onto the handle for secure and long lasting use.  On-Camera Talent and consumers will find this tool indispensible for their personal makeup application needs.

Weight 0.1 oz


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