Clear Airless Pump Bottle Dispenser with Cap is a necessary little container that delivers the most convenient and safe way to keep your skin care and makeup creams and liquids completely sealed and sanitary from the air and environment.  It prevents the constant exposure to open air contaminants when a lid or top of a cosmetic container is opened frequently for dispensing.  This handy airless pump dispenser uses an internal vacuum system to push just the right amount the cream or liquid to the top and out of the spout when depressed with a fingertip, and without the use of any insertion tube.  It delivers a precise amount of product every time, and there is virtually no waste left in the bottle when it becomes empty. 

The dispenser is see-through at a glance so you know what's in it.  The bottle is made from a sturdy polypropylene heavy duty vinyl material and  holds 30 ml or 1.1 oz, and comes with a convenient matching safety cap.  They are perfect for use at home and pack super easy for travel, and it's compact round size makes it easy to carry in a purse, bag, makeup kit or set bag.  Note: after filling the container you will need to "prime" the pump for dispensing your product by depressing the top several times to engage the disk inside the bottom of the container.  This action creates the vacuum that pushes the product to the top of the spout for release of product onto your fingertips.

Dimensions: 1-1/8” Diameter x 3-15/16” High w/Cap  Includes matching cap.    



Weight 0.1 oz


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