Paint and Powder FX Broken Glass™ break apart plastic glass comes in a variety of irregular shaped fragments and shards. It’s so realistic that when placed side by side with actual glass you can’t tell the difference. The lightweight material breaks like the real thing, and is used by major film and television production companies to custom simulate window panes, glass tables, vehicle, and aircraft glass that will break apart or shatter on impact without harm.

Paint and Powder FX Broken Glass™ can be easily hand broken down into smaller pieces and shapes and used in a variety of moulage simulations, such as imbedded glass into skin to simulate a gashed entry wound from a vehicle or aircraft crash.  Small shards can be attached to the skin simply by using Graftobian Spirit Gum. Broken Glass™ is waterproof so you can use a variety of liquid items, such as blood effects, with this product. If desired, you can also place shards into FX Gelatin or Paint and Powder FX silicone as the gelatin or silicone begins to set up.  These shards can also be incorporated into a variety of latex moldings and renderings, and whatever else your imagination can come up with.

Paint and Powder FX Broken Glass™ is a prop item only, and can cause damage and injury if used improperly.  Keep away from children.  Paint and Powder FX Broken Glass™ is used entirely at your own risk, and PaintandPowderstore.com is not liable for personal damage or injury incurred while using Broken Glass™.  Customer assumes full responsibility at time of purchase.  Broken Glass™ are fragments and shards selected in large and small random shapes, and are packed in secure packaging to protect their shapes.  Due to the highly fragile nature of breakaway glass, we do not guarantee or replace items once they have left our store in shipping.

Broken fragments shown in photo are representative of product only and not exact sizes for each package.





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