Blue Marble Selr is a water based alternative to the tougher Green Marble Selr, and is an excellent alternative for those with more sensitive skin or have negative reactions to alcohol based products.  Pro makeup artists are in love with this product, especially for their sensitive skin clients, because it helps to produce flawless makeup results.  It's fantastic for oily skins, and helps to reduce makeup maintenance. A little bit goes a long way too, so it's more economical to use than other more expensive makeup setting sprays.

Blue Marble Selr is also an excellent skin priming product to use on clean skin, especially oily skin before applying makeup, then apply it after the makeup is complete.  The bottle sprays in a super fine mist to lock down the makeup completely.  It can even keep a lipstick application transfer resistant!  It produces a soft, natural matte finish, so you don't have that overly reflective texture you get with other setting sprays.  It's a huge favorite among TV newscasters because it helps to keep makeup continuity in wear with little to no touching up.

Blue Marble Selr seals anything from everyday makeup to heavier rubber mask grease (RMG) theatrical makeups.  This sealer is waterproof yet gentle enough for everyday use, and strong enough for many special effects needs.  Light in touch and finish but strong and tough – this sealer is a staple in just about every makeup artist and on-camera performer's kit.  Not recommended for underwater work.

Shake bottle well before each use.

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