Black Stipple Sponges are an absolute staple item in every special makeup effect's artist kit. It has tons of uses because you can create a variety of textures in your finish, and it's a vital tool to apply a believable bruise, as demonstrated in the video, Makeup Special Effects for Casualty Simulation Arts, MM-1439.  It's also a great tool to apply all kinds of abraisions and can be loaded with theatrical blood to create bleeding scratches.  Stipple sponges make great looking beard stubble growth and you can vary the look according to the size of the stipple sponge.

They can be cut or trimmed to create customized shapes for your specific needs. They are also re-usable if washed properly. 

Sold in singles or 12 count package. Size: " 3/4" x 2" x 1"

Weight 0.1 oz
Sponge Options

12-pack – $9.50, single – $0.89


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