Artist’s Choice Compressed Cleansing Sponges are made from the highest quality 100% natural cellulose fiber that delivers excellent performance results.  They are softer, highly absorbent (holds 25 times it’s weight in water) and last far longer than most brands on the market today, and without showing signs of wear.  These wonderful sponges are packaged wafer-thin, then puff up large and fluffy immediately when water is added to them.  They are perfect to use with all kinds of cleansers, toners, masks, scrubs, etc. even with just plain water.  They are also chemical and solvent resistant, so they are ideal to use for all kinds of spa or salon treatments, even makeup special effects needs.

The sponges are softer than a washcloth, and very mildly exfoliant without any rough texture to even the most sensitive and delicate skin.  They have a large surface to work with for daily cleansing, or use them to gently remove facial treatment products, such as masks, scrubs, etc.  They give a very nice light and gentle massage to skin, during cleansing and help to stimulate circulation, which is why they are so wildly popular with estheticians.  Makeup and SFX artists love using them when removing  heavy theatrical makeup or difficult adhesives from skin with prosthetic appliance wear because they won’t irritate skin.

These facial sponges are completely re-usable and ideal to use for travel.  They offer a sanitary single-use option for spas, makeup counters, salons, special events and more.   They are easy to wash and rinse clean, wring out excess water, and allow to air dry.  Or, you can even toss them in a washing machine if you prefer.  They are completely reusable, and ideal to use for traveling. 

Available in a 2 pack or 6 pack.


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