The secret to full and lush lash results is definitely the brush wand you use to apply the mascara.  Being able to reach every lash strand, along with those hard to get grow outs or baby fine lashes, can be a challenge.  Artist's Choice Ball Tip Silicone Mascara Wands are a convenient and totally hygienic way to apply mascara or any lash eye makeup for professional looking results. 

These wands are far more superior to traditional nylon bristle wands in that their unique flexible shape holds and applies product better than nylon to coat more evenly and fully, from the lashline to the tips, while it helps curl and lengthen lashes. The ball tip design bristles makes it quick and easy to reach lower lashes and the inner corners of the eyes and lift them forward to perfectly apply any lash makeup for full and even coverage.  The result is fabulous looking definition and fullness on your fringe!

No matter if you have fine, thin, sparse or thick lashes these wands will deliver, with great separation and lash definition from all corners and angles.  These specially designed wands are constructed with rows of medium and short length silicone bristles molded into a flexible silicone head.  The silicone texture of the wand releases the mascara formula more smoothly and uniformly, and without clumping, while it holds the lashes up as it strokes on the product. 

These wands are a completely sanitary way to aid in applying all kinds of mascaras, lash treatments, and even lash extensions without fear of bacterial contamination.  They are also great to use for grooming brows too.  Cosmetologist, estheticians, makeup artists, and beauty experts all love the results they get with these silicone wands and the brush head can be bended to further customize your angle.  Best of all they are disposable after use, or they can be re-used if all residue is removed with alcohol first and then washed in an antibacterial solution.

Contains 12 wands in a package.

Weight 0.1 oz


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