The Angled Brow Brush is a precise tool that is hand crafted to define and deliver beautifully colored and clean shaped brows.  A polished looking brow is the key to beautiful eyes, and this firm brush is the go-to brow shaping tool for filling in sparse areas with color, and all in one time-saving step. 

This brow brush is the perfect companion to the Natural Born Cosmetics Hi-Define Brow Palette, and fits right into the brush tray.  It is also the right tool to apply the Hi-Define Brow Powder in single colors.

A suggested method:  Comb brows up, and then fill in with a brow powder color that is one shade lighter than the natural brow.  Using the Angled Brow brush apply feather strokes of brow powder in sparse areas inside the brow area for a more natural blending of color into the brow hairs. Next, comb brows straight down and use the Brow Brush with same brow powder color to softly strengthen the top along the brow arch.  

Now comb brows in place, by using an up and outward motion, and set the brow in place by finishing with Natural Born Cosmetics Hi-Define Brow Fix, or Natural Born Cosmetics Hi-Define Brow Wax.

This method also works with brow pencil by applying pencil lightly and then going over it with the Brow Brush to smooth the color naturally into place. Finish with Brow Fix or Brow Wax.
For best results every time you use your brush keep chemical brush cleaners to a minimum, such as for quick on-set cleanings.

To help keep brush hair in original condition it is strongly recommended that you wash your brush in a trusted brush soap, such as Pink Soap, for thorough cleaning and conditioning.

Cruelty Free, and made in the USA.

Weight 0.1 oz


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