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Product ID MM-1267
TraumaSkin FX Vinyl SFX "WMD Pox Blisters" Appliance

Traumaskin FX Logo

TraumaSkin FX™
Vinyl-SFX™ "WMD Pox / Blisters" Appliance is so unique in that it gives fantastic real to the eye trauma results in one fast, easy, and ultra durable application.  No extra makeup coloring needed, all you add is the finishing touches such as blood, dirt, ooze, etc.  The perfect choice for ultra realistic yet economical injury simulation needs.

Combat Medics and Civilian Emergency Medical Personnel who use them in casualty simulation love the real life response they get in training with these for two reasons: the injury is so believable due to it's ultra translucent skin-like features, and their reliability in standing up to multiple uses during training.  And, they are water-proof and rub-proof! 

See details for more information.
Price: $3.89
Product ID MM-1288
TraumaSkin FX Prosthetic Transfer and Blending Paste

Traumaskin FX Logo

MM-1288 TraumaSkin FX™ Prosthetic Transfer and Blending Paste is a skin safe alternative to cab-o-sil based "bondo" or patching paste because it doesn't contain any cab-o-sil.  It's excellent to use to blend down or smooth out edges of prosthetics that are a bit thick. It can also be used to fill holes and seams on foam latex appliances.  It can be thickened with an additive, colored or sculpted to make small customized appliances, such as scabs, bullet holes, small lacerations and even small burn wounds.  It's so versatile for so many uses, and perfect for making silicone plate molded prosthetic transfer appliances or other small mold appliances.

See details for more information.

NOTICE! COLD-CLIMATE SENSITIVE PRODUCT. Exposure to freezing or severe cold weather conditions during shipping may chemically alter, spoil, or freeze product upon arrival to your location, including skin care items in glass containers that break if frozen during shipping. We are not responsible, nor will we replace any cold sensitive product that has been shipped by any other means, other than Express Shipping, during extreme cold or winter months: from November through March. This includes package deliveries left outside and exposed to severe cold/freezing weather. You are ordering at your own risk during these times and conditions.
List Price: $18.00
Price: $18.50
Product ID MM-1519
TraumaSkin FX Vinyl SFX Catalyzing Agent

MM-1519 TraumaSkin FX™ Vinyl-SFX™ Catalyzing Agent helps to quickly catalyze TraumaSkin FX™ Vinyl-SFX™ Liquid Medium, MM-1284 , into a solid when used as a casting compound additive for molding appliances, especially in flat plate plaster/stone molds.  It's so simple to use, by adding drops in a ratio to an amount of Vinyl-SFX™ Liquid Medium and stirring it well before pouring.  It catalyzes and congeals the liquid material into a semi-solid within minutes, so you have a faster drying, de-molding, and curing time.  This makes for a super fast turnaround time in making appliances and re-using the molds.  It also eliminates the need for pouring and waiting in-between successive layers of Vinyl-SFX™ Liquid Medium to build up the appliance in the mold, as it is traditionally done.  It's especially important to use when making larger or thick density appliances, or castings in a non-porous mold (such as resin, silicone, etc.) or when making appliances in a closed mold.  TraumaSkin FX™ Vinyl-SFX™ Catalyzing Agent will make your molding process so much easier and faster you won't want to be without it! 

See details for more complete information.

Price: $8.25