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Product ID MM-1442
Skin Illustrator Bloody Five Palette

MM-1442 Skin Illustrator Bloody Five Palette is part of a collection of unique coloring systems of durable alcohol activated makeup inks that are designed to be water and friction proof once they are applied.  These palettes, designed by top pros in the makeup special effects industry, are the go-to technique in applying truly realistic and believable color results that look so natural on skin to the eye, and for film and TV work.  The Bloody Five Palette contains the best must-have blood colors for the most realistic looking blood colors for all kinds of simulated bleeding effects, and allows you to customize the colors for your exact needs. 

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List Price: $35.00
Price: $33.99
Product ID MM-1524
TraumaSkin FX Simulated Blood Pools, Resin

Traumaskin FX Logo

TraumaSkin FX™ Simulated Blood Pools - Resin are so frighteningly real to the eye in flow pattern with wet looking blood color that you can actually mistake it for the real thing!  These "bloody" puddles are made of durable wear resin so you can quickly add blood spills, puddles, and bleed-outs to your scenario without staining any floor or surface.  Best of all, you don't have any clean up - simply pick it up and put it away for next time you need it!  These flexible resin blood pools have a great natural edge, the way real blood flows and stops.  Use them under the legs, arms, head, torso, or wherever you need the blood "drama in the trauma".  If they get dusty or a bit dull simply wipe them with alcohol or furniture cleaner product. 

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Price: $21.99
Product ID MM-1530
REEL CREATIONS Mini 5 Blood Bank Palette

REEL CREATIONS™ Mini 5 Blood Bank Palette is the perfect answer for ultra portable ink palettes on-set when you need specific colors.  The Mini 5 Blood Bank includes the most desirable and used colors for all kinds of blood and bleeding effects that will give you realistic looking results like the real thing, whether for camera or live event.  Best of all, it delivers long lasting continuity throughout your shoot or event and won't fade off until you take it off.  The Mini 5 Blood Bank colors include: Blood Red, Aged Blood, Ox Blood, Capillary Blood and Dead Blood.  This kit friendly palette is small and super space saving in your SFX makeup kit or set bag, and allows you to create an infinite number of blood color and bleeding effects on the spot!  Best of all, these palettes can be used in conjunction with any other alcohol activated ink palettes for even more choices and variety.

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Price: $33.99
Product ID MM-1537
Mehron Blood Spatter Spray
mehron logo


Mehron Blood Spatter Spray is a theatrical blood creation developed with a thinner consistency specifically for spraying, and to simulate a splattering or splashing blood effects.  This non-toxic FDA approved ingredient product can be used on the face, hair, and body, costume/clothing, hair, on props and even sprayed on backdrop scenes for all kinds of bloody looking accents and blood stained look effects.   The vibrant red blood color gives an ultra realistic fresh bloody look that spatters like the real thing.  It adds the finishing touch you need to your character, fantasy work or casualty simulation that calls for blood splashing and dripping effects.  Blood Spatter Spray is perfect to use for all kinds of bloody effects that call for a spritz, squirt, spurt, spewing scattering of wet blood that shows beading or very slight dripping. From a gory scene or spattering from severe trauma simulated impact, this spray fills the bill for that subtle and light shower of spattered blood.  Ideal to use for zombies, monsters, aliens, creepy clowns, haunted houses or anything else your imagination can dream up to frighten or fascinate!

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Price: $3.49
Product ID MM-1549
Graftobian FX Aire Alcohol Palette

Graftobian F/X Aire Alcohol Palette is an ink-like pigment rich coloring system of alcohol activated makeup paints that are waterproof, sweat proof and friction resistant for a durable long wearing makeup application.  Pro artists love these non-toxic vinyl paints that are multi-purpose makeup use and designed to wear on the face, body and hair in creating a variety of different makeup special effects.  They are perfect for tattoo coverage in all day durable wear, or even coloring hair to temporarily cover grey or create a new look!  They deliver ultra realistic results for character work, casualty simulation effects, or those ghastly creations and fantasy looks.  Apply the colors with a brush, sponge, swab, fingers or a stipple technique, as the exceptional performance of this product delivers buildable, flexible, waterproof, and rub resistance in long lasting wear.  No artist, whether you do beauty or SFX, will ever want to be without this truly versatile makeup paint, and best of all it can be completely activated with 70%, 91% or 99% alcohol, whichever one you have on hand!  It delivers the ideal coverage you desire, from incredibly translucent to richly opaque, depending on how much alcohol and its strength used to thin out the colors.  Best of all, the 36 colors offered in the convenient pocket sized palettes match their counterpart colors in F/X Aire Airbrush Makeup and in Pro F/X Rubber Mask Grease!

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Price: $69.99
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