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Product ID MM-1045
Graftobian Blood Gel

Graftobian Blood Gel is a syrup based theatrical blood with the consistency of super thick honey, and perfectly simulates human coagulating blood with a very slow drip.  The deep red vein color and texture is super realistic, especially for HD film and TV work, and stays wet and shiny looking once applied.  This blood gel is a favorite go-to product by SFX artists for specific blood effects that will stay in place for a clotted, seeping blood look.  It's ideal to use in skin scrapes, road rash, cuts, or any open wound simulation that needs congealing, oozing or scabby looking blood effects.  The color renders true for film and TV use and in real time, especially for disaster drills and training exercises.

See details for more information and product usage.

Also available in a 1 gallon pail which is special order only. This size does not qualify for free shipping due to the weight of the pail.   All gallon pails ship directly from the manufacturer so please allow up to 10 days for delivery, especially during holidays.

Price: $6.59
Product ID MM-1046
Graftobian Stage Blood

Graftobian Stage Blood is one of the top selling theatrical blood products on the market.  The color, texture and opacity makes it ideal for a variety of staging uses, and is safe to use in the mouth in blood capsules. The water/syrup based formula is prized for it's viscosity that truly mimics the characteristics of real human blood.  It even dries and crusts up in a brownish color fashion the way real blood does.  Graftobian Stage Blood delivers an absolute real-to-the-eye look whether it drips from a wound simulation or dries on skin or clothing.  Safe to use on artifical skins too.  Best of all the color is perfect - not too blue or too orange - for use in Ultra High Definition camera work.

See details for more information.



Price: $5.39
Product ID MM-1047
Graftobian Blood Paste

MM-1047 Graftobian Blood Paste is a very stiff and dense textured theatrical blood product that once applied it holds a firm shape, and stays in place with a dull sheen (semi-gloss) look.  The thick consistency is moveable, allowing you to trowel, smear, or mold it into an injury simulation, and it positively will not drip.  It has great color and adhesion qualities to skin and prosthetic materials which makes it perfect to use as bloody looking wound filler for film and TV, and especially for casualty simulation moulage work. 

See details for more information.

Price: $5.89
Product ID MM-1048
Graftobian Magic Blood Powder

Graftobian Blood Powder is water activated to give a variety of startling wound results.  Applied dry it is a pinkish colored powder that is invisible, but when sprayed with water or glycerin it turns dark red, like the result of a bad accident!  

See details for using this product.

Price: $3.99
Product ID MM-1073
Fluid Pump Assembly for Bleeding Moulage

Fluid Pump Assembly Bleeding Moulage is a complete operating unit that contains a liquid reservoir, tubing length, clamp, and hand pump device.  The tubing can be easily rigged to all kinds of injury simulations, body parts, and prosthetic appliance applications to simulate bleeding or the flowing of body fluids. It comes ready to use, all you need to do is attach the tubing end to your moulaged simulation or body part and fill the reservoir with desired liquid to create a flowing fluid or blood effect.  The amount of fluid flow is controlled using the cylindrical hand pump.  

Note:  If using theatrical blood, make sure it is the flowing blood type or thinned enough to move realistically through and out the tubing.

See details for more information.

Price: $37.50
Product ID MM-1084
Chunkie Stuff


Chunkie Stuff Logo

Chunkie Stuff™ is a great casualty simulation finishing material for that chunks of bloody flesh look around a deep laceration, evisceration, or gory injury to create added visual drama.  

Stays moist for realistic looking chunks of "tissue" suspended in blood mixture. Also comes in a dull yellow color to simulate fatty tissue damage. 

Skin safe, non-toxic.

Price: $7.99
Product ID MM-1094
TraumaSkin FX Battlefield Trauma Blood

TraumaSkin FX™ Battlefield Trauma Blood™ is a non sugar syrup based - non-toxic theatrical blood developed specifically for use on silicone prosthetic materials, and works perfectly like the real thing on other prosthetic appliances.  Movies and television shows love using Battlefield Trauma Blood™ because of it's ultra realistic blood-like qualities and life-like characteristics, especially in color, opacity, texture, and slow drying features.  Most importantly it does not “bead up” or separate upon contact with silicone like the traditional syrup based theatrical blood products do.  It's engineered to look, feel, flow, dry, and sit like the real deal, and delivers ultra-realistic results in continuity from skin to prosthetic appliances - especially for Ultra High Definition camera work.  The military and civilian medical first responders love using this product because of the hyper realistic results they can achieve across multiple echelons of care in their training scenarios.  It's as close as you are going to get to the real thing!

See product details for more information about this great theatrical blood.


Price: $15.50
Product ID MM-1190-BA
Paint and Powder Cosmetics Bright Artery TV Blood

Paint and Powder Cosmetics Bright Artery TV Blood is a highly realistic looking and flowing simulated blood for all kinds of theatrical use, and at a very economical price.  The syrup based formula has the right color and texture as fresh flowing arterial blood, so not only is it frightening real to the eye - it looks and translates like the real deal in HD cameras for film and TV work.  It's perfect for any casualty simulation needs, and many military and civilian medical personnel love using it in their training drills and exercises because of it's realism in portraying fresh oxygenated blood in trauma scenarios.

See details for more information.

Price: $9.50
Product ID MM-1190-DV
Paint and Powder Cosmetics TV Blood, Dark Venous
Paint and Powder Cosmetics TV Blood (Dark Venous) is a highly realistic looking and flowing syrup based blood for all kinds of theatrical use, and at a very economical price. The color and texture is so believable as the real thing, and looks great in camera.

It's perfect for any casualty simulation needs, and many military and civilian medical personnel love using it because of it's realism in their training drills and exercises.

See details for more information.
Price: $9.50
Product ID MM-1268
Dispensing Syringe, 30cc with cap

The Dispensing Syringe is made of polypropylene plastic, and comes with a removable tip cap.  It is a 1 oz (30cc) size, and easily loads with a removable plunger.

This syringe is ideal for use in controlled dispensing of adhesives, sealants, colorants, additives, etc.  It works perfectly for just the right placement of simulated bloods, glycerin, slime or ooze, petroleum jelly, or other special effects liquids and semi-solids. Leak proof.

Dimensions: 1/16" I.D. x 5 1/4".


Price: $1.25
Product ID MM-1289
Graftobian FX Blood Powder, 5 oz Jar

MM-1289 Graftobian F/X Blood Powder is the ultimate simulated blood product in powder form that is super concentrated, and a must for any scene that calls for large quantities of fresh looking splash blood, or extra texture/contrast blood effects.  This ultra realistic color was developed by military combat medics exclusively for Graftobian so you can be sure you will have the most real-to-the-eye bleeding results for any casualty simulation scene.  Use it in a variety of ways in your scenario: on people, on a vehicle, on props, or all over the ground....wherever you need that finishing touch!  Perfect for field training exercises, entertainment venues as well as film/HDTV.  It's the best, most "wicked" blood powder on the market, and at a very economical price!

See details for more information and special instructions.   

Price: $45.99
Product ID MM-1301
TraumaSkin FX 3D Casualty Simulation Gelatin


Traumaskin FX Logo

TraumaSkin FX™ 3-D Casualty Simulation Gelatin gives you the creative ability to design all kinds of high fidelity rugged wear casualty simulation traumas.  This specially developed gelatin has the kind of durable texture and color that blends beautifully with skin for life-like looking injuries with film and television quality results.  It's unique formula produces a more stable and longer wearing end product in higher outdoor temperatures and moisture than the other gelatin brands due to it's special formulation process.  It gives excellent 3 dimensional detail with the look and feel of soft skin.  You will get professional looking results, whether you pour it into molds or apply and sculpt it directly on skin.

See details for more information and safety cautions in using this product.



Price: $6.50
Product ID MM-1393
TraumaSkin FX Bruise Powder
Traumaskin FX Logo

MM-1393 TraumaSkin FX™ Bruise Powder is a specially formulated product designed to simulate real-to-the-eye bruises.  The powder is made with cosmetic grade ingredients so it's safe to apply directly to skin to create an ultra-realistic fresh looking bruise.  With the light pressure and heat of your fingers it can deepen in color to a more purplish black tone as you work it further on the skin.  A very tiny bit goes a long way for a quick and easy yet realistic looking bruise.

See details for more information on using this great product. 

Price: $22.99
Product ID MM-1413
Mehron Stage Blood with Capsules


mehron logo

Mehron Stage Blood with Capsules is an all in one inclusive set that contains everything you need to create life-like bleeding effects from the mouth.  The package contains food grade clear gelatin capsules, and a mouths safe syrup based theatrical blood made from non-toxic edible ingredients that won't stain skin or teeth.  These products are non-toxic and safe to use in and around the mouth for a realistic appearance in film, TV, or for staging in a casualty simulation training exercise that calls for an active mouth bleed.  They can also be pre-filled several hours prior to need.

See details for more information.

Price: $5.29
Product ID MM-1414
TraumaSkin FX Blood Capsules

Traumaskin FX Logo

TraumaSkin FX™ Blood Capsules are clear food grade empty capsules made from edible gelatin.  The capsules are non-toxic and safe to use in and around the mouth, and the gelatin won't stain skin or teeth.  They can easily be filled with any brand of sugar-based mouth safe stage blood to insert in the mouth and bite down for instant bleeding effect from the mouth.  They are the go-to choice for a realistic looking mouth bleed simulation for film, TV, or a medical training exercise.  They can be pre-filled several hours prior to need.

See details for more information.


Price: $4.99
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