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Product ID MM-1133
Black Stipple Sponges

Black Stipple Sponges are synthetic, very coarse open cell sponges used to create irregular patterns and textures in all kinds of makeup.  It's the go-to tool to create special makeup effects such as beard stubble growth, bruises, scrapes, pock marks, sunburn, old age stippling, and to add a hint of capillary coloring to produce a natural fleshtone makeup.

See details for more information and uses.



Price: $0.89
Product ID MM-1134
Red Rubber Round Sponge

Red Rubber Round Sponge is a staple tool for artists for a variety of uses and effects.  These soft but dense foam rubber sponges can be used as a whole round or cut to your needs for as an applicator for a variety of makeup mediums.  The texture of the sponge's surface can produce an orange peel like skin pore texture if pressed into different mediums such as wax or silicone just before it cures.  They are also great to use as washable face cleansing sponges.

See details for more information and other great uses.

Price: $1.89
Product ID MM-1268
Dispensing Syringe, 30cc with cap

The Dispensing Syringe is made of polypropylene plastic, and comes with a removable tip cap.  It is a 1 oz (30cc) size, and easily loads with a removable plunger.

This syringe is ideal for use in controlled dispensing of adhesives, sealants, colorants, additives, etc.  It works perfectly for just the right placement of simulated bloods, glycerin, slime or ooze, petroleum jelly, or other special effects liquids and semi-solids. Leak proof.

Dimensions: 1/16" I.D. x 5 1/4".

Price: $1.25
Product ID MM-1464
Smooth On Mixing and Measuring Container, 165 oz
Smooth-On Logo

MM-1464 Smooth-On Mixing & Measuring Container - 165 oz is a sturdy plastic mixing container with graduated markings for accurate measurement of materials needing to be measured by volume.  These are great to use when you need clear markings for accuracy in measuring out larger amounts of liquids or powders.  These industrial made containers are convenient and affordable for both measuring and mixing all kinds of special makeup materials.  These containers can be re-useable if the material can be cleaned out completely after use to avoid cross-contamination of different materials. 

See details for more information.

Price: $2.69
Product ID MM-1470
Sponge Tip Daubers, 3 Sizes

MM-1470 Sponge Tip Daubers are unique yet versatile little applicators that are very useful for a variety of makeup applications and texturing.  Whether you do beauty, special makeup effects, or airbrush you absoloutely need these gems as a staple in your kit.  These compact little sponge tools are perfect for precise applications of all kinds of makeup coloring products, including liquids, creams, inks, or anything that can be sponge-applied to skin.  They are even handy to use to apply prosthetic adhesives.  If you use makeup stencils to apply makeup designs then you can’t be without these great little tools to apply color mediums by hand, and you can use them on your fingertips for ultimate control and perfect color placement!  Available in 3 sizes

See details for more information.

Price: $2.00
Product ID MM-1471
Transfer Pipette, Plastic

MM-1471 Transfer Pipette – Plastic is a non sterile, general-purpose pipette that is excellent for use in transferring or applying liquids safely in small amounts.  The one-piece design is molded from clear low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic, and makes it super easy to transfer from bottles and jars into other containers, or simply apply directly to your medium for mixing.  These unbreakable all in one pipettes are 7.5 ml, and graduated at 3 ml increments, and the bulb easily draws up fluid in the pipette chamber by squeeze suctioning.  The convenient markings on the pipette give you the exact amounts you are transferring or applying.  There is low to no risk of cross contamination of liquids by using once and tossing it out.

See details for more information.

Price: $0.49
Product ID PPS-0001
Nurturing Force Continuous Roll Blotting Papers

Nurturing Force™ Continuous Roll Blotting Paper is a super absorbent 100% pure natural fiber content blot paper that completely removes surface skin oils contributing to excess moisture and shine on makeup  A good blot paper is vital tool for makeup maintenance and continuity in wear, as well as preventing powder build-up.  It's great to use for instantly wicking away perspiration too!  Nurturing Force™ Continuous Roll Blotting Papers comes in a 29 foot roll dispenser for custom size selection, and keeps the paper fresh and clean.  Its overwhelmingly preferred by pro makeup artists and on-camera talent for maintaining any kind of makeup wear and keeping it smooth and free of oils and perspiration.  No makeup kit or bag should be without it!

See details for more information.



Price: $14.00
Product ID PPS-0011
Topstick® Double Sided Medical Adhesive Tape

PPS-0011 Topstick® is an absolute MUST have for any professional makeup artist kit or on-camera talent bag!  This is a clear, high quality double-sided adhesive medical tape that comes in super strong flexible flat strips.  It's hypo-allergenic and waterproof, and holds securely to skin or clothing.  It was first invented to hold hairpieces firmly to the scalp for long lasting wear, but it also found it's way into important multiple other uses for makeup and special makeup effects artists, wardrobe and hair stylists.

 See details for more information.

Price: $8.49
Product ID PPS-0019
Velour Compact Puffs

These satin-topped mini 2 inch velour disposable puffs are the perfect size replacement applicators for all powder compacts and other portable makeup needs.

They are great for Bridal makeup touch up packages or quick touch-ups and corrections, and for on-camera talent touch-up needs that will fit nicely in continuity bags or small makeup bags. 

See details for more information.


Price: $6.50
Product ID PPS-0088
Non Latex Makeup Sponges, Professional Cut

PPS-0088 Non-Latex Makeup Sponges, Professional Cut are the highest quality professional weight makeup sponges available on the market, and should be a staple tool in every makeup artist's kit. The 8 piece wedge block is made of, firm high density latex free-allergy free materials but with the same density, texture, and sturdiness found in the traditional latex sponges.  The block is die cut into 8 wedges that have a tapered feather-edge finish on the long edge, unlike a blunt square end as many other pro grade sponges have.  Best of all, they will hold their density and firmness when used wet, and don't overly soak up wet makeup products the way traditional latex sponges do.

See details for more information.

Price: $1.85
Product ID PPS-0102
Deluxe Double Tipped Sponge Applicator

These sponge tip applicators/swabs are professional quality for a variety of precision makeup applications and cleaning up details. The extra length shaft provides for a softer touch and more defined movement in use.

It's the ideal tool to pat on loose and pressed eyeshadows on the lid, preventing shadow fall-out under the eye, before blending color on lid with a brush.  These applicators are also perfect for cleaning and swabbing out airbrushes.

See details for more information and other uses.

Price: $3.25
Product ID PPS-0143
Economy Non Latex Makeup Sponges, 24 or 36 Wedge Block

Economy Non-Latex Makeup Sponges are latex free cosmetic sponges that come in a pull-apart block of 24 or 36 wedges.  They are cut a little smaller than our professional grade sponges, PPS-0088, but made of the same allergy free non-latex material.  They are great for all kinds of general makeup uses, especially when a large number of disposable sponges are needed for the job.  They can be used dry or wet, and hold up extremely well without shedding or pilling, when used wet.  Best of all they are eco-friendly because they are biodegradable.

See details for more information.

Price: $2.30
Product ID PPS-0182
Cinema Secrets Peach Velour Powder Puff

Cinema Secrets Peach Powder Puffs are simply the best professional durable use puffs in the industry, which is why we carry them!   It's the standard tool all professional makeup artists, from Hollywood to New York, reach for when they need a top quality powder puff.  These large, 3 1/2 inch, double sided velour puffs are hand sewn and filled with a memory foam that makes it durable wear and washable for re-use. 

See details for more information and pro tips in using the puffs.

Price: $2.50
Product ID PPS-0219
Deluxe Cotton Swab with Point and Round Ends
PPS-0219 Deluxe Cotton Swab w/Point and Round Ends are handy to have with a rounded finish on one end and a pointed finish on the other end.  They are made with 100% spun and firmly wound cotton on strong durable polypropylene plastic handles so these smooth surface swabs will never bend or shred under pressure. 

See details for more information.

List Price: $5.99
Price: $3.49
Product ID PPS-0221
Disposable Makeup Spatula with Slant Tip
The 3" disposable makeup spatula is made of high impact polypropylene plastic and crafted with a slant tip.

It's just the right size for use with a variety of makeup mediums that need to be scooped out of containers in a sanitary manner. 

See details for more information.
List Price: $5.49
Price: $2.79
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