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Product ID MM-1133
Black Stipple Sponges

Black Stipple Sponges are synthetic, very coarse open cell sponges used to create irregular patterns and textures in all kinds of makeup.  It's the go-to tool to create special makeup effects such as beard stubble growth, bruises, scrapes, pock marks, sunburn, old age stippling, and to add a hint of capillary coloring to produce a natural fleshtone makeup.

See details for more information and uses.



Price: $0.89
Product ID MM-1134
Red Rubber Round Sponge

Red Rubber Round Sponge is a staple tool for artists for a variety of uses and effects.  These soft but dense foam rubber sponges can be used as a whole round or cut to your needs for as an applicator for a variety of makeup mediums.  The texture of the sponge's surface can produce an orange peel like skin pore texture if pressed into different mediums such as wax or silicone just before it cures.  They are also great to use as washable face cleansing sponges.

See details for more information and other great uses.

Price: $1.89
Product ID MM-1470
Sponge Tip Daubers, 3 Sizes

MM-1470 Sponge Tip Daubers are unique yet versatile little applicators that are very useful for a variety of makeup applications and texturing.  Whether you do beauty, special makeup effects, or airbrush you absoloutely need these gems as a staple in your kit.  These compact little sponge tools are perfect for precise applications of all kinds of makeup coloring products, including liquids, creams, inks, or anything that can be sponge-applied to skin.  They are even handy to use to apply prosthetic adhesives.  If you use makeup stencils to apply makeup designs then you can’t be without these great little tools to apply color mediums by hand, and you can use them on your fingertips for ultimate control and perfect color placement!  Available in 3 sizes

See details for more information.

Price: $2.00
Product ID PPS-0088
Non Latex Makeup Sponges, Professional Cut

PPS-0088 Non-Latex Makeup Sponges, Professional Cut are the highest quality professional weight makeup sponges available on the market, and should be a staple tool in every makeup artist's kit. The 8 piece wedge block is made of, firm high density latex free-allergy free materials but with the same density, texture, and sturdiness found in the traditional latex sponges.  The block is die cut into 8 wedges that have a tapered feather-edge finish on the long edge, unlike a blunt square end as many other pro grade sponges have.  Best of all, they will hold their density and firmness when used wet, and don't overly soak up wet makeup products the way traditional latex sponges do.

See details for more information.

Price: $1.85
Product ID PPS-0142
Cosmetic Natural Sea Sponge
PPS-0142 Cosmetic Natural Sea Sponges are organic, naturally grown sponges that are very soft and non-abrasive when used wet.  They are reusable, and the pro-makeup artist's sponge of choice for applying water activated (dry cake) types of makeup, or any liquid makeup. 

See details for more information. 
Price: $3.59
Product ID PPS-0143
Economy Non Latex Makeup Sponges, 24 or 36 Wedge Block

Economy Non-Latex Makeup Sponges are latex free cosmetic sponges that come in a pull-apart block of 24 or 36 wedges.  They are cut a little smaller than our professional grade sponges, PPS-0088, but made of the same allergy free non-latex material.  They are great for all kinds of general makeup uses, especially when a large number of disposable sponges are needed for the job.  They can be used dry or wet, and hold up extremely well without shedding or pilling, when used wet.  Best of all they are eco-friendly because they are biodegradable.

See details for more information.

Price: $2.30
Product ID PPS-0182
Cinema Secrets Peach Velour Powder Puff

Cinema Secrets Peach Powder Puffs are simply the best professional durable use puffs in the industry, which is why we carry them!   It's the standard tool all professional makeup artists, from Hollywood to New York, reach for when they need a top quality powder puff.  These large, 3 1/2 inch, double sided velour puffs are hand sewn and filled with a memory foam that makes it durable wear and washable for re-use. 

See details for more information and pro tips in using the puffs.

Price: $2.50
Product ID PPS-0297
Peach Velour Powder Puff

These are the Makeup Industry Standard peach velour puffs used exclusively by pro makeup artists, and are seen on Hollywood sets by the thousands. Seriously! 

These super soft double-sided puffs are an important tool because they hold a significant amount of loose powder and provide the ability to set much larger areas of make-up in a single powder application.

These 3 1/2" diameter puffs are also great to use for pressed powder, and they are also useful for a variety of other makeup needs.  Completely washable and re-usable. 

Price: $1.50
Product ID PPS-0319
Natural Born Cosmetics Face Smoother Sponge
Natural Born Cosmetics Logo

PPS-0319 Natural Born Cosmetics® Face Smoother Sponge is a unique and innovative makeup applicator developed by makeup artists for makeup artists.  This latex free sponge gives any liquid makeup application smooth and streak free professional results, especially in those hard to reach areas around the eyes and nose.  It delivers amazing coverage and flawless blending capabilities with its easy-to-use shape and extra soft texture. There's no makeup line or crease that can escape from the Face Smoother sponge's super-blending powers, and it's completely washable for endless reuse.

See details for more information.
Price: $4.99
Product ID PPS-0390
Face and Body Makeup Hydra Sponge

PPS-0390 Foam Hydra Sponge is a durable reusable synthetic sponge that when used wet provides a smooth surface that is perfect for applying water activated makeup, like cake foundations, or other dry or liquid color mediums.  It has a rounded “tablet” style exterior that prevents streaking or angular lines in your makeup application, whether used to apply face or body makeup.

See details for more information.

Price: $2.89
Product ID PPS-0406
Natural Born Cosmetics Face Smoother Sponge Tip Brush
Natural Born Cosmetics Logo

PPS-0406 Natural Born Cosmetics® Face Smoother Sponge Tip Brush is so unique for many uses that produces smooth and flawless blending results. The compact tip helps apply makeup products in the smallest curves, angles, and contours of the face with a streak free airbrush-like finish. It's totally latex free with the convenience of an all in one brush and sponge, and it's the perfect companion to any brand of water expandable ergonomic style sponges. This sponge brush lets you do more with your makeup in those difficult to reach areas, and its great for touching up concealer, foundation, or any spots and areas that need attention. Great for damp or dry blending of shadows, blushes even special makeup effects!

See details for more information and tips in using the brush.

Price: $6.99
Product ID PPS-0450
Latex Free Professional Cut Makeup Sponges, 100 Count

PPS-0450 Latex Free Professional Cut Makeup Sponges-100 Count are superior quality cosmetic sponges that are slightly larger than traditional block cut sponges, and a must for the discriminating artist.  The sumptuous texture is made of latex free-allergy free materials but with the same density, texture, and sturdiness found in the traditional latex sponges.  They absolutely will hold their density and firmness when used wet, and will not soak up wet makeup products the way traditional latex sponges do.  Best of all they are available in a bag quantity of 100 sponges each.

See details for more information.

Price: $19.99
Product ID PPS-0517
Makeup Sponge Mini Blender Set
Makeup Sponge Mini Blender Set contains the two essential tools that will help you apply any creamy or liquid makeup for truly professional looking streak free results.  Their smaller size contours makes it easy to reach into those smaller curved and recessed areas of the face so that you can achieve a smooth and even blending of makeup.  The pink slanted mini sponge tip applicator on the handle is latex free, and its extra soft texture makes it easy to move product and reach safely into very small and delicate detail areas, such as the around the eyes and eye corners.  The soft purple mini oblong blending sponge is also latex free, and it's uniquely shaped supple tapering point allows you to move makeup smoothly and flawlessly around the face, into the hairline, or wherever you need it looking clean without lines or creases.  You can use them damp or dry depending on your application and blending needs, and these tools are completely washable for endless reuse.  These are also the perfect size makeup corrector tools to use on set for any quick makeup adjustments or maintenance.  Makeup pros love them and can’t be without them for all their blending and stippling detail needs!

See details for more information about how to use these great tools.


Price: $7.25