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Product ID PPS-0420
Artists Choice Facial Cleansing Brush


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Artist's Choice Facial Cleansing Brush is a very mild soft bristled yet highly effective complexion brush that cleanses and gently exfoliates the face and neck, leaving skin refreshed and refined in texture.  The bristles of the brush are dense, yet super soft and gentle enough to use in your face cleansing routine every day.  Unlike the rough sonic or mechanically driven face scrubbers which can cause micro tears in the skin, this brush is made of baby soft nylon bristles that are bundled together in a circular pattern and bend easily to contours of face for gentle yet thorough cleansing and massage, and without irritation.  It's designed for use on even the most sensitive and delicate skins on the face and neck, but also suitable for anywhere on the body too!  Best of all, you manually control the touch, pressure and speed by hand while gently moving the brush up and down on your skin in a gentle massaging pattern.  It's perfect to use with all kinds of face cleanser products and ideal for cleansing oils and makeup removers too!  Whether you do beauty makeup or special makeup effects, this tool is a must for all kinds of makeup cleansing and removal needs.

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Price: $2.49
Product ID PPS-0446
Artists Choice Compressed Cleansing Sponges


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Artist’s Choice Compressed Cleansing Sponges are packaged in a condensed flat form that, when moistened and expanded with water, they transform into a fluffy soft-textured non-abrasive cleansing tool to assist in cleansing and other kinds of skin treatment procedures.  These professional premium quality sponges are made from 100% natural and biodegradable plant-based cellulose pulp fiber, the most eco-friendly choice in an efficient daily use cleansing sponge, and they won’t scratch or irritate even the most sensitive and delicate of skins during use.  The sponges' porous structure is remarkably efficient in absorbing and holding liquids and can be used with any type of cleansing or treatment product.  They are so soft, gentle and effective, which makes them perfect for removing all kinds of facial dirt, grime and makeup.   They are also chemical and solvent resistant, which makes them great to use for special makeup effects product application removal, such as adhesives.  Estheticians love them because they are ideal to assist in deeper pore cleansing and mild exfoliation, or when applying other professional grade skin treatments, such as masks, scrubs or muds.  They rinse thoroughly clean after each use, and can be stored and reused indefinitely when properly rinsed and dried.

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Price: $1.99
Product ID PPS-0500
Mini Magic Washcloth Makeup Remover

Mini Magic Washcloth Makeup Remover is a super soft mini size washcloth that uses a proprietary Hydro Microfiber® material that works synergistcally with warm water to gently break apart and remove even the most stubborn of makeup in seconds.  When combined with warm water, the specially split micro fibers in the cloth material act like a velvety soft vacuum brush breaking up the oils that bond makeup to the skin, and without the use of any chemical makeup removers.  It helps lift away the trapped makeup residue while providing a super mild exfoliating action that won't damage or tear skin's fragile lipid mantle.  Each pack contains TWO travel-friendly 4” x 4” washcloths that are 100% chemical free. Each washcloth features a tight spot pocket for hard to reach areas and a hang loop for easy storage. Because of the patented fiber features, these washcloths have an extra-long life of service and performance over the other more expensive microfiber washcloths, and will last through hundreds of washes and use.

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Price: $7.99