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Product ID MM-1336
Smooth On Dragon Skin 10

Dragon Skin® Series silicones are high performance platinum silicone rubbers that cure at room temperature with negligible shrinkage.  Cured Dragon Skin® is very strong yet soft and very “stretchy”.  It will stretch many times its original size without tearing and will rebound to its original form without distortion. 

Dragon Skin® is excellent for making high performance special effects appliances, and can be used as molds for rapid prototyping, wax casting, and casting in concrete type of materials.  It can be mixed 1A : 1B by weight or volume, and no scale is required.

In addition, Dragon Skin® is used in many types of special effects applications, especially for animatronics where repetitive motion is required.  It is water white translucent when cured, and will easily accept pigments for creating color effects.  It's very easy to work with and mold for a variety of special effects needs.

See details for more information.

List Price: $30.10
Price: $31.50
Product ID MM-1337
Smooth On Body Double Life Casting Silicone Standard Set

Smooth-On Body Double® Life Casting Silicone - Standard Trial Unit is a long lasting skin safe life casting silicone rubber that can be applied directly to the skin to make molds of the face, hands and other body parts.  The silicone rubber cures quickly and will reproduce perfect detail from any original model - in exact perfect detail.  Use it for one casting or many for just about the same price as using alginate.  Unlike alginates, which are good for one only casting, Body Double® will last for indefinite castings of almost any material including plaster, wax, resins, low-temperature melt metal alloys, etc.  The amount of Body Double® used per mold is less than most alginates, so the cost per mold is about the same.

See details for important information about using this product.

Price: $36.99
Product ID MM-1353
Smooth On OOMOO 25 Silicone

OOMOO® 25 is a super easy to use tin based silicone rubber compound that features convenient one-to-one by volume mix ratios, so no scale is necessary. This is a perfect silicone for beginners and hobbyists, and ideal for making one piece or two piece block molds.  

It cures fast at room temperature with negligible shrinkage and has good tear strength. Suitable for a variety of art-related applications, especially for making molds or reproducing existing molds.  It's perfect for casting plastera, resins, and waxes. 

See details for more important information about this product.

Price: $26.50
Product ID MM-1468
Smooth On Equinox Silicone Putty 38

Smooth-On Equinox® Silicone Putty - 38 is a platinum silicone molding compound that is easily mixed and applied by hand to a variety of surfaces to make perfect molded copies of objects.  The non-toxic putty is resistant to cure inhibition, which makes it ideal to use on a wide range of surfaces.  It’s mixed in equal amounts (1A: 1B) by volume or weight, and has a pot working life of 4 minutes with a cure time of 30 minutes.  It has negligible shrinkage, and the resulting cured rubber is exceptionally strong and durable with very high tensile strength.  Once fully cured it's great for casting resins, plasters, clays, waxes, etc. and will resist high temperatures for casting low-temperature melt metal alloys.  You can create fast mold impressions from almost any surface, and for all kinds of fields of application.  It’s even certified food safe for creating molds for food applications.

See details for more information.

Price: $41.50