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Product ID MM-1216
TraumaSkin FX Prosthetic Appliance Plate Mold Open Blunt Force Trauma


Traumaskin FX Logo

TraumaSkin FX™ Prosthetic Appliance Plate Mold - Open Blunt Force Trauma is a professionally crafted ready-made flat mold you can use to make endless copies of ultra realistic looking wounds for all kinds of casualty simulation needs.  These mold plates are exactly the same as those used by Award Winning SFX artists in film and TV to create and produce life-like injuries so real looking even in Ultra High Definition TV viewing or for medical field training purposes.  The wound sculpts are replicas of actual injuries that can be used multi-purpose in different trauma scenarios.  They are available in durable use heavy-duty plaster or premium platinum silicone, both of which are designed to provide limitless pours and pulls of your castings.  With these easy to use trauma designs you can quickly create appliances from whatever material you desire to mold with, such as silicone, gelatin, latex, Vinyl-SFX, encapsulating plastics, and prosthetic transfer mediums.  Once the casting material is cured or dried, it's ready to remove and apply directly to skin with the appropriate adhesive, and the mold is ready to be cast again and again!

See details for more information.  

Price: $15.50
Product ID MM-1313
Mann Ease Release 200



MM-1313 Mann Ease Release 200 is an excellent general purpose silicone-based release agent for all kinds of molding and casting needs, and releasing cured substances.  This product is excellent to use when casting, silicone, gelatin, acrylic vinyl, latex, and other mediums into, plaster, resin, thermoplastic, and silicone molds.  Ease Release is unique because it works well with both silicone rubbers and urethane rubbers and casting resins.  Ease Release is also highly effective on aluminum, chrome, rubber, and steel molds. NOT FOR USE WITH URETHANE FOAMS.

See details for more information. 

This product is flammable and considered hazardous material (HAZMAT).  Due to HAZMAT regulations, this product is ground shipping only within the USA and cannot be shipped overseas.



Price: $14.00
Product ID MM-1338
Smooth On Body Double Release Cream

Body Double® Release Cream is a non-toxic skin conditioner that will aid in releasing Body Double® mold rubber from skin surfaces with or without hair.  It is highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Body hair not thoroughly coated with a release cream will become encapsulated and stuck in silicone rubbers during the cure phase.  When that happens it can be difficult & painful to separate hair from the silicone.  Release Cream can also be used in conjunction with other release additives such as Smooth-On HYPER-FOLIC®.

See details for more important information on this product.

Price: $2.69
Product ID MM-1523
TraumaSkin FX  Soap Mold Release and Conditioner


Traumaskin FX Logo

TraumaSkin FX™  Soap Mold Release & Conditioner is a solvent free non-hazardous mold release liquid that is ideal for use with plaster and gypsum molds. This type of soap release is widely preferred by professional artists because it is a great all around universal separating agent.  It won't clog the mold's pores or interfere with the evaporation/moisture drawing process that plaster or gypsum distinctly provides for materials that rely on that for drying or curing.  It also won't cause the mold residue problems that heavy oil-based releases, like petroleum jelly, can cause.  It's a safe and non-aerosol method that easy to apply and dries down within minutes.  Soap Mold Release & Conditioner is staple item in every shop that uses plaster or gypsum molds for casting various types of mediums that results in a clean and even pull from the mold every time.

See details for more information.


Price: $4.99
Product ID MM-1545
Royal and Langnickel Glue and Acid Brush Set

Royal and Langnickel Glue and Acid Brush Set contains 6 identical brushes that can be used with all kinds of SFX paints, materials, acids, adhesives, and other industrial products.  They are the ideal choice when you need a more industrial grade low cost brush in applying or manipulating any of these mediums effectively in your project.  These sturdy brushes are made of a fine grade solvent resistant synthetic black bristles firmly crimped on a durable metal handle, and are an important tool used by special effects makeup artists as well as arts and crafts hobbyists.  The 6 inch overall length makes it comfortable to use and easy on the hand in application, as well as keeping hands and fingers mess free.  Because they are so inexpensive they can be single use only with a particular medium or glue, or cleaned out with soap and water and reused again.  They have a million vital uses, from application needs to finishing touches to cleaning makeup or craft tools and equipment, which is why they are a core tool in every professional SFX artist’s lab, tool box, or makeup kit!

See details for more information.

Price: $1.19
Product ID MM-1548
Mel Products Prosthetic Transfer Paper and Release Film

Mel Products Prosthetic Transfer Paper and Release Film is a premium quality acetate and waterslide paper set used in creating and applying three dimensional prosthetic transfers to skin.  These transfer paper sets can be used with any commercial brand of pre-made prosthetic transfer pastes, or custom made cabo-patch/bondo type pastes made with an acrylic adhesive medium.  The clear acetate Release Film allows the molded paste to be pulled cleanly from the original mold when it is all set and ready to be removed.  Once the transfer prosthetic is prepared to apply to skin, the acetate Release Film is also used to position it directly onto the waterslide Transfer Paper first, and pressed down firmly to adhere the appliance to the paper, and then peeled off to expose the prosthetic.  The waterslide Transfer Paper is then used to apply the prosthetic directly onto the skin.  The transfer paper can also be used as tattoo transfer paper with laser jet printers too.  

See details for more important information on this product.

Price: $9.50