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Product ID MM-1054
Graftobian Liquid Pain and Sorrow

Graftobian Liquid Pain and Sorrow is a versatile glycerin based product used by all makeup artists for a variety of needs and makeup effects such as simulating beads of perspiration, tears for a crying effect, wound simulation "ooze", and even as a lip gloss!  It can be used to make a paste from powders, thin down any water based airbrush makeup for a semi-flat or dewey finish, or even as an easy and quick thinning agent for cream makeup.  Mix it with water for a quick and easy moisturizing spray or for a dewy skin finish!

See details for more information.

Price: $6.30
Product ID PPS-0031
Graftobian Derma Care Facial Recovery Balm

PPS-0031 Graftobian Derma Care Facial Recovery Balm is a specially formulated skin barrier and quick skin recovery complex for all kinds of uses. It's great for winter dehydrated skin when you need that extra protection to keep moisture from drying out from the elements.  It"s also perfect for performing artists and on-camera talent who wear heavy makeup and special makeup effects products on a consistent basis, or must make fast changes or re-application of makeup several times a day for a performance. These kinds of makeup situations overstress and dehydrate skin because of the abuse it tolerates from the makeup materials, especially under rapid removal of heavy makeup and/or prosthetics.

See details for more information on this product and it's many uses.

Price: $16.50
Product ID PPS-0051
Graftobian Aloevation Toning and Smoothing Veil

PPS-0051 Graftobian Aloevation Toning & Smoothing Veil is an elite innovative smoothing emulsion that instantly and visually softens fine lines, wrinkles, and rough dry skin texture on contact.  It contains Graftobian's unique and proprietary natural mineral and aloe complex for immediate dermal hydration by forming an invisible layer for a smoother and plumper skin surface.  It can be used year around to maintain a soft and smooth skin texture, and works in conjunction with your favorite topical moisturizer as it conditions the lipid layer to retain moisture in support of skin's collagen and elastin fiber network.  It's  the perfect choice to use on mature skins before makeup!

See details for more information.

Price: $24.00
Product ID PPS-0109
Natural Born Cosmetics® Satin Slip Foundation Primer


Natural Born Cosmetics Logo

Natural Born Cosmetics® Satin Slip Foundation Primer is a silicone based formula rich in antioxidants and moisture protecting ingredients that helps to give skin a soft and even looking finish under makeup.  Worn alone or under foundation it leaves your skin with a more flawless and satiny texture that fills in and smoothes the complexion, and helps prepare the skin for foundation products.  It's ideal to use as a base under mineral makeup!

See details for more information.

Price: $30.00
Product ID PPS-0110
Natural Born Cosmetics® Velvet Foundation Primer


Natural Born Cosmetics Logo

Natural Born Cosmetics® Velvet Foundation Primer is a silicone based pre-foundation product that helps create a smooth and even facial canvas for the application of foundation products.  This is an excellent primer of choice to use if you wear any brand of mineral based makeup.  This skin friendly and long wearing primer can be worn over an oil-free moisturizer serum, and provides a non comedogenic barrier between skin and the foundation layer.  It helps prevent natural oils from breaking down the makeup while ensuring a longer-lasting smooth finish.  Can be used on all skin types, and especially beneficial for dry and mature skins.

See details for more information.

List Price: $14.99
Price: $7.99
Product ID PPS-0326
Natural Born Cosmetics® Radiance Boost Exfoliating Freshener

Natural Born Cosmetics Logo

Radiance Boost Exfoliating Freshener is an absolute must to effectively eliminate excess surface oils in seconds, which is an essential step before applying any makeup. This mild exfoliating freshener has a unique combination of ingredients that brightens and clarifies the most oiliest of skins while it smoothes surface texture, and eliminates shine and ashiness on contact.

Using this freshener before applying any mattifying or shine eliminating primer will boost their effectiveness and provide the smoothest application of makeup for even longer wear. It's great to use on skin that is being prepped for any appliance application as it clears any skin oils out of the way effectively without the harsh stripping of alcohol based products.  It's a major product in the battle against excess oil and shine no makeup artist should be without in their kit!

See details for more information.
Price: $14.50
Product ID PPS-0335
Natural Born Cosmetics® Velvet Veil Face Prep
Natural Born Cosmetics Logo

Velvet Veil is an amazing silky-textured skin prep serum that instantly softens and smoothes the look and texture of skin.  This remarkable formulation literally feels like velvet on the skin and made with Retinyl Palmitate, a proven anti-aging ingredient, which helps to improve the look of fine lines on all skin types.

Wear it alone over an oil free moisturizer or as an excellent primer under makeup.  It is fantastic to use under mineral makeup powders, and even to soften lips!

See details for more information.
Price: $11.25
Product ID PPS-0341
Natural Born Cosmetics® Equalizing Serum
Natural Born Cosmetics Logo

At last! The perfect skin serum protectant that instantly smoothes and soothes even the roughest dry skin on contact.  If you suffer from dry, patchy, blotchy scaly skin syndrome, especially in winter time, this is your instant fix!  Wear it alone, or as a boost under your regular moisturizer, and you can even use it as a makeup primer.

Within minutes, the skin-fortifying lipids in this formulation settles into your skin's surface layer creating an instantly smooth comfortable texture that visibly reduces the look of fine lines, dry skin puckering and rough scaly patches.  It strengthens and enhances skin's natural moisture barrier and reduces surface tenderness and sensitivity. 

This serum contains a banquet of proven non-comedogenic skin protectants that are bio-active to the skin's lipid layer in an organically based silicone delivery system.

See details for more information.

COLD CLIMATE NOTICE: This product is packaged in a pump jar that is sensitive to breakage in extreme cold or freezing weather.  Please read our Winter Shipping Notice for our policy on shipping cold/freeze sensitive products during this time of year. Please note we will not replace any  broken jars that have not previously been selected to ship by Express Shipping methods.

Price: $41.99
Product ID PPS-0444
Cinema Secrets Original Moisture Spray
PPS-0444 Cinema Secrets Original Moisture Spray delivers clean hydration with a revitalizing mist of moisture in a non-aerosol pump style spritzer.  This water-based formula doesn’t contain any oils or heavy emollients, and has so many wonderful and beneficial uses that it definitely belongs as a staple product in a skin care regimen and makeup application/maintenance.  It has good-for-skin ingredients that soothe and moisturize on contact, and can be used as a toner after cleansing.  The fine mist gently absorbs into powder to set makeup, and delivering a more natural looking finish.  It’s perfect to use as a thinning/cutting agent with a  foundation application for more sheer coverage, and it's also the ideal makeup refresher that reduces the need for powder maintenance. 

See details for more information.
Price: $8.50
Product ID PPS-0461
Natural Born Cosmetics® Vitamin E Treatment
Natural Born Cosmetics Logo

PPS-0461 Natural Born Cosmetics® Vitamin E Treatment instantly softens, hydrates, soothes, and protects skin with a banquet of ingredients that actually helps skin repair more quickly from dryness, peeling, chapping, and irritation.  The natural ingredient-unscented formula delivers skin loving Vitamin E for immediate moisture and smoothness on contact, and provides long lasting antioxidant barrier protection against environmental elements with skin healing emollients.   Keep this convenient stick handy to use on the lips, around the eyes, or wherever you need it for instant relief and to prevent flaking and moisture loss.

See details for more information.

Price: $6.50
Product ID PPS-0483
Natural Born Cosmetics® Setting Spray


Natural Born Cosmetics Logo

Natural Born Cosmetics® Setting Spray is a refreshing, hydrating, and soothing colorless emulsion that is designed to give your finished makeup application serious staying power.  This gentle, non-irritating formula contains a banquet of skin loving herbal extracts in a hydrating base that gently settles onto makeup to keep it place for longer wear.  The result is a beautiful and natural looking “in-born” satin like finish, and without the harsh looking results of other makeup setting sprays that contain skin drying alcohols and poly vinyl/polymer ingredients.  The sprayer delivers a micro-fine weightless mist that goes on light and airy, without streaking or disturbing your makeup, while it sets it in place to be smudge free for the day’s wear.  It works synergistically with any foundation and/or powder brands, for a natural look and feel to your makeup that doesn’t feel sticky or tight on your skin like the heavier makeup sealers and fixatives do.  It’s great to use as a makeup reviver throughout the day too, and has so many other uses!

See details for more information.

Price: $9.50
Product ID PPS-0498
Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray and Hydrating Mist

PPS-0498 Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray + Hydrating Mist is a wonderful multi-purpose skin spray that instantly hydrates, smoothes, and freshens all skin types on contact.  This light weight oil-free formula contains beneficial ingredients, such as Glycerin and Sodium PCA, which helps the skin attract and lock in much needed moisture.  Aloe Vera and Green Tea Leaf instantly calms and soothes skin to improve the overall appearance.  It's great to use on bare skin for a softer healthier glow, or as a skin toning step after cleansing to impart skin smoothness and improve texture.  Or, use it as a finishing spray after a makeup application, as the mist gently absorbs into powder to help set the makeup for a more natural looking finish.  Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray + Hydrating Mist won't clog or irritate acne prone, sensitive, or oily skins so it can be used frequently throughout the day, especially to freshen and revive any makeup application without build up or residue.   It brings an immediate surge of moisture on contact which helps boost the complexion's natural radiance, and without the use of parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. 

See details for more information.

Price: $22.00