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Product ID MM-1549
Graftobian FX Aire Alcohol Palette

Graftobian F/X Aire Alcohol Palette is an ink-like pigment rich coloring system of alcohol activated makeup paints that are waterproof, sweat proof and friction resistant for a durable long wearing makeup application.  Pro artists love these non-toxic vinyl paints that are multi-purpose makeup use and designed to wear on the face, body and hair in creating a variety of different makeup special effects.  They are perfect for tattoo coverage in all day durable wear, or even coloring hair to temporarily cover grey or create a new look!  They deliver ultra realistic results for character work, casualty simulation effects, or those ghastly creations and fantasy looks.  Apply the colors with a brush, sponge, swab, fingers or a stipple technique, as the exceptional performance of this product delivers buildable, flexible, waterproof, and rub resistance in long lasting wear.  No artist, whether you do beauty or SFX, will ever want to be without this truly versatile makeup paint, and best of all it can be completely activated with 70%, 91% or 99% alcohol, whichever one you have on hand!  It delivers the ideal coverage you desire, from incredibly translucent to richly opaque, depending on how much alcohol and its strength used to thin out the colors.  Best of all, the 36 colors offered in the convenient pocket sized palettes match their counterpart colors in F/X Aire Airbrush Makeup and in Pro F/X Rubber Mask Grease!

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Price: $69.99
Product ID MM-1550
Skin Illustrator Glazing Spray
Skin Illustrator Glazing Spray is the spray bottle or airbrush version of the Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels.  These are water based transparent colors which allow you to do a variety of beauty and makeup special effects on skin for the most realistic looking "in-born" look; especially for the demands in today's UHD cameras that are super high resolution in extreme close-up work.  Top tier makeup pros consider Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels and Sprays an important staple in their kits for this reason and because they offer a realistic subtlety "under the skin" results that you just can’t get with other types of makeup.  Best of all they are exceptionally long wearing, climate and waterproof, and rub-proof!  You can create an infinte variety of looks from subtle highlight, shading and blush to skin accents such as freckles, beauty, shadowing, or age spots.  They are the go to product for dramatic trauma, illnesses and skin disfigurement such as sunburn, bruising, rashes, and various other injury or charater effects.

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Price: $21.49
Product ID PPC4387

This water based Vinyl that thins with water. Dissolve edges with 99% alcohol (not acetone). Anything you can do with latex, you can do with this product! This is a great latex alternative. 



Price: $52.00
Product ID PPC4388

This multi-purpose gelatin functions is a fast solution for making prosthetic appliances. You do not need to know how to make a mold or be a pro at casting, This Special FX Gelatin provides quick and fast injuries. Gelatin provides quick application and easy to removal!




Price: $30.00
Product ID PPC4389

The fastest way to create a bruise in seconds.


Price: $23.00
Product ID PPC4392

Paint and Powder FX Burnt Flesh

Price: $18.99
Product ID PPC4395
Flesh Chunks

Our flesh chunks comes with 1 pound of flesh chunks and an 8 oz bottle of blood for you to add as little or as much blood as you need. This is great for creating the illusion of a serious injury. This product has been used to re-create events after child birth for training, medical simulations, explosions, and even great for haunted houses. 

Price: $75.00

Paint and Powder FX Viynl Liquid


Price: $83.00
Product ID PPS-0136
Chique Dual Pencil Sharpener

Chique Dual Pencil Sharpener is completely enclosed, and great for makeup artists that love using dual ended sharpeners to accomodate two different sizes of pencils.  It's designed to sharpen both traditional slim makeup pencils and “chubby” style makeup crayons, and keeps all your lip and eye pencils precisely sharpened to a point for that perfect application need.  The central barrel collects all the shavings to keep the sharpening process nice and clean.

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Price: $1.49
Product ID PPS-0523
Paint and Powder Cosmetics Makeup Mixing and Setting Liquid

Paint and Powder Cosmetics Makeup Mixing and Setting Liquid is a versatile copolymer based mixing medium for use with water-based cosmetics such as face and body paints, powder pigments, color cakes, airbrush paints, or any other kind of powder or liquid type makeup products that are activated, mixed, blended or diluted with water.  This multipurpose non-alcohol mixing and setting liquid has many performance benefits over using just plain water, such as increasing product mixture durability and continuity in longer wear.  It also allows for a smoother, more even application of the makeup product mixed with it and facilitates a faster drying time.  It’s specifically made with a more robust higher-performing copolymer hybrid formula that simply out-performs the leading film-forming/fixative brands with ordinary polymer ingredients.  Best of all it also adds greater sweat and moisture resistance in wear and increased protection against abrasion.  Liquid or powdered pigments produce their greatest richness and intensity when mixed with this product, and the clear liquid will not yellow or discolor your end results!

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Price: $6.99
Product ID PPS-0524
Graftobian HD Nude Lip Palette

Graftobian HD Nude Lip Palette is a collection of 5 perfectly edited and desirable nude lip colors makeup artists love to use and have handy in their kits.  These are nude shades that are suitable for all skin tones and provide for customized blending to create an infinite variety of new nude shades.  Graftobian is known the world over for their professional lip color formulations with intense pigmentation that rivals even the most expensive brands, and with longer wear and continuity.  They are fragrance free and formulated with moisture rich ingredients, and without being excessively shiny for camera work.   This collection of full spectrum neutral nudes delivers a super smooth application with long wearing - rich color payoff that is ideal for film, TV and print work, and perfect for just every day wear.
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Price: $28.50
Product ID PPS-0527
Clear Airless Pump Bottle Dispenser with Cap

Clear Airless Pump Bottle Dispenser with Cap is simply a must have for all kinds of cosmetic needs and reasons.  It's the most convenient way to keep your skin care and makeup creams and liquids completely sealed and sanitary from the environment, and without constant exposure to open air contaminants when a lid or top is opened frequently for dispensing.  Your fingers never touch the product so it stays far more potent and with a longer shelf life.  These handy airless dispensers use an internal vacuum system to push the cream or liquid to the top with a few simple pumps, and without the use of any insertion tube.  It delivers a precise amount of product every time, and there is virtually no waste left in the bottle when it becomes empty.  The bottle holds 30 ml or 1.1 oz, and comes with a convenient matching safety cap.  They are perfect for use at home and travel, and it's compact round size makes it easy to carry in a purse, bag, makeup kit or set bag.  Best of all, they are washable and re-usable!

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Price: $3.49