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Product ID MM-1404
Plastic Appliance Material Sculpting and Molding Medium
Plastic Appliance Material Sculpting and Molding Medium is a methacrylate based theatrical product - also known as "scar" or "burn" material - that can be applied directly to skin or sculpted by hand (pre-made) to create small "out of kit" wounds such as cuts, burns, blisters, raised scars, split lip, etc.  Simply apply material and work it into the shape desired, and allow to dry down completely.  The end result is a flexible appliance that moves naturally with skin and can be extrinsically colored with makeup.  This is a great alternative to gelatin based products used for the same effects, and unlike gelatin it produces a more wearable and durable appliance that is waterproof and climate proof.  Great for all kinds of casualty simulation needs, and perfect to use as an encapsulator for gelatin, silicone, and other kinds of SFX materials.  It compares in quality and performance to Kryolan Tuplast, RCMA Scar Material and WM Creations Scar Material, but at a more economical price!

See details for more information.

This product is flammable and considered hazardous material (HAZMAT). Due to HAZMAT regulations, this product is ground shipping only within the USA and cannot be shipped overseas. 


Price: $11.49
Product ID MM-1436
Graftobian ProPaint Face and Body Paint
Pro Paint Logo

Graftobian ProPaint Face and Body Paint is a fabulous selection of water-activated cake makeup shades for face and body painting, and with a rich creamy texture that delivers intensely pigmented color for beautiful professional looking results.  This fragrance-free formula has the most dynamic collection of bold colors carefully edited for their vibrancy, application ease and coverage, and delivers a full color saturated finish that stays put without cracking or peeling.   ProPaint™ utilizes an extremely pigmented glycerin-based formula that provides exceptional opacity and smoothness with a color brilliance in durable wear that is unsurpassed by other brands.  It's the product of choice for top face and body painting pros and consumers alike for it's long wearing comfort on skin, and without feeling heavy or greasy.  ProPaint™ blends seamlessly on skin, hair or nails and gives the artist full control over the intensity and depth of color desired during the application process.  These bold, vibrant and stunning colors are the perfect choice for stage and theater as well as Cosplay, Anime, super heroes, movie and comic book characters, children's face painting, Steam Punk, you name it and paint it!
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Price: $12.50
Product ID MM-1512
Wooden Handle Palette Knife with Triangle Edge
Royal and Langnickel

Wooden Handle Palette Knife with Triangle edge is made of fine quality hand tempered steel set in a polished hardwood handle.  The unique triangle broad blade design is highly favored by artists for firmer and more thorough hand mixing, blending, and scraping needs.  This is especially important in mixing together two part products containing catalysts, such as silicone liquids, gels and pastes, thoroughly for a complete blend of the mixture.  It's also perfect for cream based or semi-solid makeup products, and can be used on all types of mixing palettes, such as those made of metal, glass, paper, plastic, etc.  This tool is definitely an important item to have, especially for SFX work in mixing and thorough blending of thick viscosity materials.

See details for more information.

Price: $5.49
Product ID MM-1542
Mehron Paradise Face Painting Premium Makeup Kit
mehron logo


Mehron Paradise Face Painting Premium Makeup Kit is a uniquely designed makeup collection of face and body painting products developed in concert with world famous Face Painting Makeup Artiste, Jinny Houle, the Co-Creator of Paradise Makeup AQ™.  Mehron expanded it's Paradise Makeup AQ™ line by creating this fun and exciting face painting makeup kit with fast and easy designs for children and adults alike.  This kit is also perfect for simply trying out and experimenting with Mehron’s Paradise Makeup AQ™ fabulous and richly pigmented colors, and especially for those who want to personally explore the face painting business with a leading brand.  It’s ideal for the parent who wants to create easy and delightful face designs for children at parties, holidays, stage and performing events, and more.  This kit is also great for the beginner/novice face and body painter or Cosplayer who wants to learn to apply face makeup designs more professionally for their costumes.  With 8 bold colors of Mehron's Paradise Makeup AQ™ Makeup along with tools, finishing products, step-by-step instructions, and access to online tutorial links for 6 fast and easy face designs, this is all you will need to achieve amazing results!

See details for more information.
Price: $29.50
Product ID PPS-0159
Graftobian Super Satin Lip Gloss Palette

Graftobian Super Satin Lip Gloss Palette features 5 of the most popular and versatile tinted lip gloss finishes loved and used by pro makeup artists for print, TV and film work.  This kit friendly palette is all you will ever need to choose from for that extra bit of a glistening like shine finish to any lip color application for a more polished look.  It features 4 must have shades with a hint of shimmer and one basic all purpose nude color tint, Cocoa Glaze.  These glosses can also be worn alone on bare lips for a natural wash of beautiful color and sheen.  This handy palette is simply the best lip gloss selection of colors you can find because its sticky-free formula is not too thick or overly glossy.  It's just right with a level of luster that yields longer lasting durable wear results, with a stay-fresh stay-put shine.  Great to use over all brands of semi-permanent lip products too!

See details for more information.

Price: $28.50
Product ID PPS-0470
Graftobian Airbrush Face and Body Art for Fantasy Beauty and Horror DVD

Graftobian Airbrush Face and Body Art for Fantasy Beauty and Horror DVD demonstrates some unique techniques in airbrushing with Graftobian Airbrush products.  Professional Industry Airbrush Artist, Nicki Wilson, demonstrates and guides you step-by-step through the "tricks of the trade" in applications, from beauty to fantasy and horror.   From elementary to advanced application techniques, Nicki shows you how to create simple and complex designs, and how to use stencils, common fabrics, and freehand techniques.  Also fully demonstrated is the proper cleaning and care of your airbrush equipment.  Nicki says, “If you want to learn how to make money AND have fun airbrushing with Graftobian Airbrush Makeup, this video is a must.”  DVD running time: 2 hours and 18 minutes. 

See details for more information.

Price: $19.99
Product ID PPS-0515
Natural Born Cosmetics Pressed Banana Powder Compact
Natural Born Cosmetics Logo

Natural Born Cosmetics® Pressed Banana Powder Compact is the all important yellow toned finishing powder widely used by top makeup industry pros, and staple product every makeup artist should have in their kits.  It’s the go-to choice for instant soft focus toning, highlighting, color-correcting, balancing or smoothing out imperfections in the complexion.  The silky matte texture makes it easy and quick to apply where you need it as it subtly brightens the face for a fresher look with a natural looking finish.  Banana Powder has a silky texture with a unique yellow tone that compliments and evens out all skin undertones for a more natural looking complexion.  This light-weight finely milled pressed powder helps disguise or correct a multitude of skin concerns, such as fine lines, large pores, discolorations, oil and shine, etc.  It won’t crease, cake, clog pores or oxidize; and blends organically into the skin, whether worn alone or over a foundation application.  The result is a more beautiful and fresh looking finish - especially for ultra high definition cameras, and its ideal for everyday wear too!  Best of all it is flash friendly safe for still photography, without any chalky white cast or ashy looking flashback.  It's perfect for photography and Bridal makeup too!

See details for more information about using this great product.


Price: $12.00
Product ID PPS-0516
Cylinder Makeup Brush Case

Cylinder Makeup Brush Case is the perfect brush storage container for your makeup table or station, or for safe transporting your brushes and makeup tools when traveling.  This professional grade case snaps together to hold your brushes securely for 360° protection from outside elements, staying clean and sanitized for all your makeup needs.  The case also opens into 2 separate storage cups that can be used as standing brush holders on any flat surface.  The brush case is made of a hard metal shell covered in PU material leather, making the case very sturdy and durable wear, eco-friendly, and easy to keep clean.  The large capacity cups can hold between 8 - 15 makeup brushes and tools (depending on their size) when container is snapped closed, and can hold even more of them when converted in to table top holders.  This Cylinder Makeup Brush Case is so versatile and portable, and the best way to keep your brush head hairs in shape, secure and uncrushed - unlike the way conventional brush roll pouches can do.

See details for more information.

Price: $16.99
Product ID PPS-0517
Makeup Sponge Mini Blender Set
Makeup Sponge Mini Blender Set contains the two essential tools that will help you apply any creamy or liquid makeup for truly professional looking streak free results.  Their smaller size contours makes it easy to reach into those smaller curved and recessed areas of the face so that you can achieve a smooth and even blending of makeup.  The pink slanted mini sponge tip applicator on the handle is latex free, and its extra soft texture makes it easy to move product and reach safely into very small and delicate detail areas, such as the around the eyes and eye corners.  The soft purple mini oblong blending sponge is also latex free, and it's uniquely shaped supple tapering point allows you to move makeup smoothly and flawlessly around the face, into the hairline, or wherever you need it looking clean without lines or creases.  You can use them damp or dry depending on your application and blending needs, and these tools are completely washable for endless reuse.  These are also the perfect size makeup corrector tools to use on set for any quick makeup adjustments or maintenance.  Makeup pros love them and can’t be without them for all their blending and stippling detail needs!

See details for more information about how to use these great tools.


Price: $7.25
Product ID PPS-0518
Moda Tools Heart Scrubby Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad
Royal and Langnickel


Moda Tools Heart Scrubby Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad was designed to gently remove all kinds of makeup product residue from your cosmetic brushes.  The nubby textured silicone mat is designed with flexible “fingers” that safely buff clean your brush hairs without pulling or damaging them.  It works with any kind of brush cleaner, and holds just the right amount of water with your brush cleaner to ensure a thorough cleansing throughout the brush head.  The heat proof purple heart shape fits snugly in your hand, or simply place it in the sink for easy and quick cleaning and rinsing of even your most expensive prized brushes.  It’s completely portable for travel, and fits in any makeup kit or set bag, and can be folded for smaller storage without creasing or tearing. 


See details for more information.


Price: $5.99