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Product ID MM-1011
Graftobian "Scary Tales" FX Aire Airbrush or RMG Creme Makeup Sets

MM-1011 Graftobian "Scary Tales" F/X Aire Airbrush or RMG Creme Makeup Sets is a Paint and Powder Cosmetics exclusive!  "Scary Tales" a collection of 10 of the most desirable and popular character/creature colors available anywhere. Graftobian F/X Aire Airbrush Makeup and Rubber Mask Grease Creme Makeup are now offered in a fantastic package deal.  "Scary Tales" gives you the best variety of colors to unleash your full creative imagination, and bring it to life at your fingertips.  Whether you airbrush or hand apply your artistry, this specially priced collection allows your costuming needs to take on full dimension with vibrant and blendable colors.  It's tons of fun with the very best quality professional performing makeup products that will deliver the tricks, treats, thrills, and gore glamour for that prize winning costume or makeup special effects. 

See details for more information on these great package deals!

NOTE: These sets are not eligible for purchase through the Artist Advantage Program Accounts, and in accordance with the program rules and regulations.

IMPORTANT:  F/X Aire Airbrush Makeup is flammable and considered hazardous material (HAZMAT).  Due to HAZMAT regulations, this product is ground shipping only within the USA and cannot be shipped overseas.

Price: $63.79
Product ID MM-1039
Graftobian Translucent Colorless Loose Face Powder

Translucent Colorless Loose Face Powder is the perfect all-purpose setting powder for beauty makeup, airbrush makeup, special makeup effects, and matting down prosthetic work.  

It blends effortlessly with all skin tones to naturally soften and gently set any completed makeup, and goes a long way to control shine.

See details for more information. 

Price: $6.50
Product ID MM-1054
Graftobian Liquid Pain and Sorrow

Graftobian Liquid Pain and Sorrow is a versatile glycerin based product used by all makeup artists for a variety of needs and makeup effects such as simulating beads of perspiration, tears for a crying effect, wound simulation "ooze", and even as a lip gloss!  It can be used to make a paste from powders, thin down any water based airbrush makeup for a semi-flat or dewey finish, or even as an easy and quick thinning agent for cream makeup.  Mix it with water for a quick and easy moisturizing spray or for a dewy skin finish!

See details for more information.

Price: $6.30
Product ID MM-1062
Graftobian Pro FX Rubber Mask Grease Wheel

Graftobian Pro F/X Rubber Mask Grease (RMG) is made especially for use directly over latex materials, such as simulated wound appliances, bald caps, etc., without the need for sealing the surface prior to applying cream makeup.  This is positively the best RMG formula on the market, and preferred by professional makeup artists for the quality results they produce, especially for HDTV.

These wheels are the perfect size to have a variety of colors on hand in a kit friendly size, and they are refillable.  They are perfect to use for character or casualty simulation makeup because they are richly pigmented and much longer wearing than traditional theatrical makeup. 

See details for more information and use.

Price: $22.99
Product ID MM-1111
Telesis ISO GEL

MM-1111 Telesis ISO-GEL is a gelled version of SDA-40 alcohol and isopropanol, and can be used in any application where 99% isopropyl alcohol is required.  It is the perfect companion for any brand of alcohol activated palettes because you can better control the amount of color mixing.  It allows you to use just the right amount as needed and less messy than liquid alcohols.  Safe for  direct use on skin or on prosthetics.

See details for more information.

This product is considered hazardous material (HAZMAT).  Due to HAZMAT regulations, this product is ground shipping only within the USA and cannot be shipped overseas.

Price: $7.50
Product ID MM-1199
Graftobian Clown White Creme Theatrical Makeup

Graftobian's Clown White Cream Makeup is the number one choice world-wide for professional and amateur clowns and mimes.  The smooth texture and opaque coverage is unsurpassed by any other major brand, and is the most comfortable wearing theatrical makeup on the market. 

Great for all kinds of character work that requires a vivid white makeup look that is long wearing and true to color, and translates well on stage or screen.

See details for more information.

Price: $7.49
Product ID MM-1206
Graftobian Translucent Skin Tone Loose Face Powder

Translucent Skin Tone Loose Face Powder is the perfect all-purpose setting powder for beauty makeup, airbrush makeup, special makeup effects and matting down prosthetic work. 

It applies silky smooth and provides a soft matte finish with just a hint of color tone to stabilize any foundation base application without "correcting" it. 

See details for more information.

Price: $5.99
Product ID MM-1261
Graftobian Rubber Mask Grease Paint (RMG)

MM-1261 Graftobian Rubber Mask Grease Paint (RMG) is a castor oil based richly pigmented creme makeup especially made to layer over all types of prosthetic appliances for direct coloring and finishing needs.  The high quality formula remains consistently moist and ready to use without drying out over time like many other brands do.  They are the perfect choice to use for character or casualty simulation makeup because of the high pigmentation, and provides smooth looking color results on both the appliance and skin, and are much longer wearing than traditional theatrical makeup.

See details for more information.

Price: $13.50
Product ID MM-1269
Mehron Tattoo CoveRing
mehron logo

MM-1269 Mehron Tattoo CoveRing™ is an easy to use opaque masking cream which easily covers the darkest tattoos, birthmarks and other skin discolorations. The creamy, waterproof formula applies effortlessly and will effectively conceal any skin flaw.  The five-color palette contains the most used skin tone shades in one convenient container.  With this handy little wheel you don't need to be an expert to cover and custom match any shade of skin for fast results. 

See details for more information.

Price: $14.75
Product ID MM-1321
Graftobian Corrector Neutralizer and Tattoo Cover Wheel



Graftobian Corrector/Neutralizer & Tattoo Cover Wheels are formulated from Graftobian's ultra smooth and blendable Theatrical Creme Base, which has 10% more pigment than Graftobian's Glamour Creme Corrector Palette.  It's perfectly formulated to use on light to deep skin tones, and designed with the professional shades and strength of coverage used by pros for neutralizing, camouflaging, correcting, concealing, and highlight/shading capabilities.  Film and TV makeup artists love these wheels and colors because of the creamy smooth consistency, high pigmentation, concentrated coverage, and long wearing continuity they need for an adjustable range of opacity in coverage with skin-like results.  This versatile collection is the most comprehensive series available for visually correcting and concealing all kinds of facial imperfections, and perfect for use on extreme discoloration situations including concealing tattoos.  For a short video demonstration using this product as the perfect tattoo cover, click here.

See details for more information.



Price: $19.99
Product ID MM-1359
RCMA AF Prosthetic Powder

RCMA AF Prosthetic Powder is specially formulated with ingredients that will fully matte down rubber mask grease paints, rubber appliances (whether silicone or latex), and heavy pigmented theatrical makeup without changing or disturbing the color.  It also absorbs the extra oils for a smoother looking finish, so it's a perfect powder companion for these kinds of makeups, especially when applied on prosthetics. 

See details for more information.

Price: $9.50
Product ID MM-1360
RCMA Artificial Tears and Perspiration
RCMA Artificial Tears and Perspiration is a clear glycerin based liquid that is so versatile in use.  Makeup artists use it to simulate different effects such as "tears" for crying, stippled or sprayed on the skin to simulate beads of perspiration, or wound simulation "ooze".  

It can also be used to thin down a water based airbrush makeup for a semi-flat/dewey finish. It will not dissolve or smear foundation underneath it.  No professional makeup kit should be without this staple item!

See details for more information.
Price: $11.50
Product ID MM-1411

Michael Davy Logo

Silicolor, is a clear cosmetic grade acrylic copolymer that has a variety of uses for special makeup effects needs. It is so multi-purpose in use, and can be mixed with airbrush makeup, rubber mask grease, cake makeups, dyes, and powder pastes that result in a waterproof form of that material.  It's great to use when adding extrinsic coloring to silicone gel filled appliances, gelatin, or foam latex appliances.  It's a must have solution for a variety of waterproof or durable wear needs. 

See details for more information on how to use this product.

Price: $11.99
Product ID MM-1436
ProPaint Face and Body Makeup, by Graftobian
Pro Paint Logo

MM-1436 Graftobian ProPaint™ is a fabulous selection of specially designed water-activated cake makeup shades for face and body painting with a rich creamy texture that delivers beautiful professional looking results.  This fragrance-free formula has the most dynamic collection of colors carefully chosen for their vibrancy and application ease for the most desirable - full coverage finish.   ProPaint™ utilizes an extremely pigmented glycerin-based formula that delivers exceptional smoothness, brilliance, opacity, and durable wear in performance.  ProPaint™ blends seamlessly on skin, hair or nails, and gives the artist full control over the intensity and depth of color during the application process.

See details for more information.

Price: $12.99
Product ID MM-1493
Mel Products MelPAX Kit No 1, Primary Colors
MM-1493 Mel Products MelPAX Kit #1 - Primary Colors is a premiere line of PAX makeup paints used by top SFX pros in film and TV production.  This water-based adhesive liquid makeup color system is loved for it's versatile use and wear in a wide variety of makeup special effects.  It can be applied by hand with a sponge or brush, or thinned and applied through an airbrush, for a strong and durable waterproof finish that is flexible in wear.  It delivers total opaque coverage, or it can be thinnned down to create translucent washes of colors or glazes with staying power that is totally smudge and budge proof.  Kit #1 contains 8 colors, plus a bottle of MelPAX Thinner.  The kit includes the Primary and Secondary colors of Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Green plus Black and White. 

See details for more complete information in using this product.

NOTICE! COLD-CLIMATE SENSITIVE PRODUCT. Exposure to freezing or severe cold weather conditions during shipping may chemically alter, spoil, or freeze product upon arrival to your location, including items in glass containers that break if frozen during shipping. We are not responsible, nor will we replace any cold sensitive product that has been shipped by any other means, other than Express Shipping, during extreme cold or winter months: from November through March. This includes package deliveries left outside and exposed to severe cold/freezing weather. You are ordering at your own risk during these times and conditions.
List Price: $80.00
Price: $78.99
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