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Product ID MM-1009
Dual Barrel Makeup Pencil Sharpener

This sharpener is a German-made instrument with a durable plastic housing.   The dual barrel design accommodates either slim or thick crayon type pencils, and sharpens quickly and cleanly without tearing up the pencils. 

See details for more information.

Price: $3.79
Product ID PPS-0013
Taklon Concealer and Lip Brush

This high quality 100% Taklon™ nylon filament brush is the perfect choice for smooth and even spreading of the thickest makeup creams, such as Keromask® Concealing and Camouflage Cream, and other types of creamy makeup product. 

It's the ideal go-to brush for stick or cream lip color application and glosses, and for any other wet makeup application needs.

See details for further information.

Price: $9.99
Product ID PPS-0136
Japonesque Dual Pencil Sharpener

Japonesque Dual Pencil Sharpener is completely enclosed, and great for makeup artists that desire this kind of sharpener.  It's designed to sharpen both traditional slim makeup pencils and “chubby” style makeup crayons, and it keeps all your lip and eye pencils precisely sharpened for that perfect application need. 

See details for more information.

Price: $5.99
Product ID PPS-0140
Japonesque Lipstick Paintbox Palette

Japonesque Lipstick Paintbox Palette is a very handy white plastic tray styling with 36 compartments (18 medium wells on each side) with detached clear acetate sheet separator.

This paintbox palette can be used for a variety of lip colors or cream type makeups, and it's smaller size makes it easy to pack or stow in a makeup kit or bag. 

Measures 7-1/2" x 3" x 1/2"

Price: $24.99
Product ID PPS-0268
Dual Hole Makeup Pencil Sharpener

This dual hole all-metal sharpener is a fine  sharpening instrument with a high quality steel blade-system.  It sharpens cleanly and precisely while forming a nice round tip for easier application of your pencil or crayon.   See details for more information.

Price: $5.75
Product ID PPS-0317
Deluxe Disposable Lip Brush

These top quality 3 1/4" long disposable lip brushes are made with high quality goat hair for soft and easy blending of lip products on lips.  Or, they can be used for any makeup application that calls for a brush this size and texture to do the job.

See details for more information.

Price: $3.25
Product ID PPS-0358
Natural Born Cosmetics Lip Color Sealer


Natural Born Cosmetics Logo

PPS-0358 Natural Born Cosmetics® Lip Color Sealer is a plant based formula that transforms any lip color application into a smudge-proof, eat-proof, drink-proof and kiss-proof flexible lip coating for long lasting wear.  It applies easily over your favorite lipstick to lock in the color and prevent it from feathering, bleeding or rubbing off.

No more lip color creeping, fading, migrating or transferring onto teeth, clothes, drinking glasses, napkins, cheek kisses, and those special lip kisses!  This transparent lipstick sealant glides over lipstick and keeps it in place for hours, even when you eat! 
Easy to use by simply brushing on the lightweight liquid over your lipstick application and allow it to set. Then enjoy your lip colors for hours!

See details for more information and important tips in application.

List Price: $9.95
Price: $6.75
Product ID PPS-0455
Every Beauty Cosmetic Tool Organizer
PPS-0455 Every Beauty Cosmetic Tool Organizer is the answer to keeping your THIN round makeup pencils and brushes organized, at close hand, and easy reach access.  This simple little tool is a handy snap in and snap out storage cylinder that holds 8 of your favorite colors or frequent use brushes, and fits into any purse, makeup bag, or makeup kit,  and it eliminates having to unzip a pencil or brush pouch to dig around for the tool you want.  It's definitely must have organizer for travel, as it takes up very little space! 

See details for more information.
Price: $6.99
Product ID PPS-0456
Every Beauty, Every Drop Lip Spatula
PPS-0456 Every Beauty - Every Drop Lip Spatula is simply a brilliant tool!  No more wasting or throwing away hard to reach remaining lipstick and gloss product in tubes or other hard to reach tube and jar containers.  Scoop out those last remaining bits with the Every Drop Lip Spatula, as it goes beyond where your lip brush or gloss wand can't reach.  Get your true money's worth by bring out every last drop, all the way to the bottom of your skinny container, with its slim and flexible design.  It's also fantastic to use for concealer or mascara tubes too!  The lip spatula has a bendable silicone rubber tip that will not absorb product so it's handy enough to use as both a scooper and applicator directly to where you need it.

See details for more information.
Price: $4.79
Product ID PPS-0457
Every Beauty Sharpening Pencil Organizer
PPS-0457 Every Beauty - Sharpening Pencil Organizer puts your best beauty pencils and brushes in order with a snap!  It also features an integrated pencil sharpener on the bottom so you have all you need to hold, carry, AND sharpen your pencils to a fine point for precision use. This handy tool allows you to stay organized with your favorite tools securely grouped together at home or on-the-go, whether in a purse, makeup bag or kit.  Use it as a stand on a vanity, as this attractive silver gem topped organizer looks great as it holds up to 14 SLIM size cosmetic pencils or brushes in the cylinder with easy snap in-snap out access.  The sharpener on the other end makes it fast to keep your pencils sharp and ready to use! 

See details for more information.
Price: $10.99
Product ID PPS-0517
Makeup Sponge Mini Blender Set
Makeup Sponge Mini Blender Set contains the two essential tools that will help you apply any creamy or liquid makeup for truly professional looking streak free results.  Their smaller size contours makes it easy to reach into those smaller curved and recessed areas of the face so that you can achieve a smooth and even blending of makeup.  The pink slanted mini sponge tip applicator on the handle is latex free, and its extra soft texture makes it easy to move product and reach safely into very small and delicate detail areas, such as the around the eyes and eye corners.  The soft purple mini oblong blending sponge is also latex free, and it's uniquely shaped supple tapering point allows you to move makeup smoothly and flawlessly around the face, into the hairline, or wherever you need it looking clean without lines or creases.  You can use them damp or dry depending on your application and blending needs, and these tools are completely washable for endless reuse.  These are also the perfect size makeup corrector tools to use on set for any quick makeup adjustments or maintenance.  Makeup pros love them and can’t be without them for all their blending and stippling detail needs!

See details for more information about how to use these great tools.


Price: $7.25