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Product ID MM-1024
Skin Illustrator FX Palette

Skin Illustrator is a system of durable alcohol activated make-up that is water and abrasion resistant, and available in palettes and liquids.  Skin Illustrator was designed by top professionals to speed up the process of color applications and touch ups by greatly reducing the need to mix colors. 

The wide range of colors, including flesh tones, fantasy, SFX, trauma, and metallics allows total control to create any illusion imaginable, and within a wide range of makeup fields and situations such as Film, Television, Print, Theatre, Runway, etc.

See details for more information on the use of the FX Palette set.

List Price: $80.00
Price: $73.50
Product ID MM-1062
Graftobian Pro FX Rubber Mask Grease Wheel

Graftobian Pro F/X Rubber Mask Grease (RMG) is made especially for use directly over latex materials, such as simulated wound appliances, bald caps, etc., without the need for sealing the surface prior to applying cream makeup.  This is positively the best RMG formula on the market, and preferred by professional makeup artists for the quality results they produce, especially for HDTV.

These wheels are the perfect size to have a variety of colors on hand in a kit friendly size, and they are refillable.  They are perfect to use for character or casualty simulation makeup because they are richly pigmented and much longer wearing than traditional theatrical makeup. 

See details for more information and use.

Price: $22.99
Product ID MM-1117
Green Marble SeLr Spray

Green Marble SeLr is an industry favorite among top professional special makeup effects artists because it is one of the most durable film forming sealers on the market.  It has excellent hold and durability in wear, yet is comfortable and flexible. on skin  It positively will keep makeup from rubbing off or transferring onto costuming.  Green Marble SeLr  is also excellent for aging techniques and multi-layering effects.

See details for more information, uses, and important notices on this product.

This product is flammable and considered hazardous material (HAZMAT).  Due to HAZMAT regulations, this product is ground shipping only within the USA and cannot be shipped overseas.

NOTICE! COLD-CLIMATE SENSITIVE PRODUCT. Exposure to freezing or severe cold weather conditions during shipping may chemically alter, spoil, or freeze product upon arrival to your location, including skin care items in glass containers that break if frozen during shipping. We are not responsible, nor will we replace any cold sensitive product that has been shipped by any other means, other than Express Shipping, during extreme cold or winter months: from November through March. This includes package deliveries left outside and exposed to severe cold/freezing weather. You are ordering at your own risk during these times and conditions.


List Price: $14.00
Price: $13.50
Product ID MM-1170

REEL Blue Aqua Sealer is a water-based cosmetic sealant for all makeup sealing needs, and more durability in wear.  It is so frequently used by pro artists in the film and television industry that it's been called "The sealer that seals all other sealers". 

See details for more information.

Price: $11.99
Product ID MM-1199
Graftobian Clown White Creme Theatrical Makeup

Graftobian's Clown White Cream Makeup is the number one choice world-wide for professional and amateur clowns and mimes.  The smooth texture and opaque coverage is unsurpassed by any other major brand, and is the most comfortable wearing theatrical makeup on the market. 

Great for all kinds of character work that requires a vivid white makeup look that is long wearing and true to color, and translates well on stage or screen.

See details for more information.

Price: $7.49
Product ID MM-1200
Graftobian Clown White Face Powder

Graftobian Clown White Face Powder is the important finishing powder companion to Graftobian's Clown White Cream Makeup, MM-1199, and is used for setting any kind of super white face cream makeup application.

This powder contains the right combination of ultra white pigments to help keep white makeup true to it's brilliance in color.  It also absorbs all the excess oils and moisture so that your white makeup application retains it's vivid texture doesn't become muted in wear.

See details for more information.

Price: $5.99
Product ID MM-1209
Premiere Products Hi Def Matting Spray

Premiere Products Hi Def Matting Spray is a water based film forming mist specially developed as a makeup sealing or setting spray with a truly matte finish, and virtually undetectable texture on skin.  Unlike some other makeup setting sprays that can leave a bit of a texture, this formula leaves a beautifully matte imperceptible finish that does not leave any kind of sheen to the makeup.  A must have in any Pro makeup kit because it is so versatile in use, and especially so for HD camera use where skin needs to be non-reflective.  Great to use for hair and brows too.

See details for more information.

Price: $17.50
Product ID MM-1261
Graftobian Rubber Mask Grease Paint

Graftobian Rubber Mask Grease Paint (RMG) is a castor oil based richly pigmented creme makeup especially made to layer over all types of prosthetic appliances for direct coloring and finishing needs.  The high quality formula remains consistently moist and ready to use without drying out over time like many other brands do.  They are the perfect choice to use for character or casualty simulation makeup because of the high pigmentation, and provides smooth looking color results on both the appliance and skin, and are much longer wearing than traditional theatrical makeup.

See details for more information.

Price: $13.50
Product ID MM-1286
Michael Davy Sweat Stop Anti Perspirant Skin Prep

Michael Davy Sweat Stop Anti-Perspirant Skin Prep is the one and only original formula created exclusively for a theatrical performer's need to greatly reduce or eliminate perspiration under all kinds of makeup and prosthetic appliance wear.  This topical anti-perspirant is applied directly to skin prior to applying cosmetics, and it truly does inhibit sweating, and can even help prevent chafing.  With regular repeated use it becomes even more effective.  It's often been copied by other companies but never duplicated in wear and performance.  It's the leading facial antiperspirant on the market today because it is so highly effective, especially under prosthetic appliances, bald caps, and heavy theatrical makeup such as clown makeup.  It's great for all skin types and doesn't contain any ingredients that would inhibit or interfere with cosmetic or appliance wear.  It's perfect for anyone who needs this product for everyday wear too! 

See details for more information.

Price: $11.89
Product ID MM-1371
Mehron Clown Makeup Instruction Sheets
mehron logo


Mehron Clown Makeup Instruction Sheets are easy to use full color instruction sheets that will show you how to apply makeup to transform yourself or anyone else into any one of these three popular Clown styles: Tramp/Hobo, White Face or Auguste.  These step-by-step instructions and tips allow even a beginner to accomplish any of these clown looks, and be pleased with the results.  You can use these sheets with any manufacturer's theatrical makeup product to create these looks, and follow the directions to achieve the most professional looking clown character, or simply create your own custom clown look.  All you need is some basic colors, such as white, black, red, yellow, etc. in a grease paint type of makeup to get started, and have fun!  Instruction sheets are sold separately.

See details for more information.


Price: $0.39
Product ID MM-1394
Goshman Foam Clown Noses
Goshman Clown Noses are known worldwide as simply the best quality available in novelty foam products. They are the softest, most comfortable, brightest colored, and best holding clown noses available on the market. 

They have long been a time-honored part of famous professional clown costumes and clown hobbyists alike.  They are known the world over in novelty, magic tricks, and fun shops and costuming stores as the most requested product for a variety of clown performers. 

See details for more information.
List Price: $1.99
Price: $0.50
Product ID MM-1549
Graftobian FX Aire Alcohol Palette

Graftobian F/X Aire Alcohol Palette is an ink-like pigment rich coloring system of alcohol activated makeup paints that are waterproof, sweat proof and friction resistant for a durable long wearing makeup application.  Pro artists love these non-toxic vinyl paints that are multi-purpose makeup use and designed to wear on the face, body and hair in creating a variety of different makeup special effects.  They are perfect for tattoo coverage in all day durable wear, or even coloring hair to temporarily cover grey or create a new look!  They deliver ultra realistic results for character work, casualty simulation effects, or those ghastly creations and fantasy looks.  Apply the colors with a brush, sponge, swab, fingers or a stipple technique, as the exceptional performance of this product delivers buildable, flexible, waterproof, and rub resistance in long lasting wear.  No artist, whether you do beauty or SFX, will ever want to be without this truly versatile makeup paint, and best of all it can be completely activated with 70%, 91% or 99% alcohol, whichever one you have on hand!  It delivers the ideal coverage you desire, from incredibly translucent to richly opaque, depending on how much alcohol and its strength used to thin out the colors.  Best of all, the 36 colors offered in the convenient pocket sized palettes match their counterpart colors in F/X Aire Airbrush Makeup and in Pro F/X Rubber Mask Grease!

See details for more information.

Price: $69.99
Product ID PPS-0021
Graftobian Makeup Setting Spray

Graftobian Setting Spray™ is a mist applied makeup sealing spray that dries to an undetectable matte finish.  It can be used as a very thin veil sprayed over any finished makeup to help prevent smearing or smudging.  It provides a water proof barrier to keep makeup protected and true to color for longer lasting wear and durability, even under the harshest of conditions.  It's also great to use as a skin preparation barrier product before a makeup application.

See details for more information.

This product is flammable and considered hazardous material (HAZMAT).  Due to HAZMAT regulations, this product is ground shipping only within the USA and cannot be shipped overseas.


Price: $7.29
Product ID PPS-0249
Mehron Skin Prep Pro
mehron logo

Mehron Skin Prep Pro is a clear liquid antiperspirant formula used as an important skin preparation to significantly retard perspiration break-through before a makeup application.  This professional fragrance-free formula will also allow the makeup to apply much smoother on those skins that are prone to excessive sweating, and allow it to remain longer lasting under stressful performance wear conditions and in hot, humid or moisture conditions.  This is the go-to product for preparing skin for heavy theatrical makeup, prosthetic makeup wear, airbrush makeup and particularly with heavy greasepaint clown makeup (especially under clown noses). it's also perfect to help control perspiration under everyday makeup wear, and acts like a moisture barrier between skin and makeup to increase that fresher looking longer makeup wear. 

See details for more information.

This product is flammable and considered hazardous material (HAZMAT) for shipping purposes.  Due to HAZMAT regulations, this product is ground shipping only within the USA and cannot be shipped overseas.

Price: $10.75
Product ID PPS-0323
RCMA Beard Cover Concealer

RCMA Beard Cover is a timeless classic beard and mustache line concealing and neutralizing product used by models and actors for film, TV, print and stage to minimize the "5 O'clock Shadow", also known as beard stubble.  It's the go-to product pros have loved for decades to effectively conceal the bluish black beard and mustache shadow under straight or character makeup, or toning down obvious or intense under-eye discolorations that have a blue/black appearance.  This product is heavily pigmented so you can adjust the coverage needed to achieve the desired results.  It's also great to use as a tattoo cover that has bluish black tones in it, and comes in two orange colors to meet all skin tone coverage needs.  It's truly a very versatile product with so many important uses, and because of that it's found in just about every pro artist kit!

See details for more information.


Price: $22.00
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