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Product ID MM-1328
Royal and Langnickel Wooden Modeling Sculpting Tool Set

Royal and Langnickel Wooden Modeling Sculpting Tool Set is a selection of the most desired ends and edges pros love to use for sculpting shaping in wax, clay or other semi-soft mediums.  These Potter's Select double-ended tools are made of the highest quality tempered and polished boxwood for durable and long lasting use so you can model, sculpt, shape, smooth, contour, cut, slice or carve with ease.  The set includes 6 water-resistant tools, each with uniquely shaped ends including straight edged, bullnose, serrated skew, and half-round.  They are specifically crafted to act as extensions of your own hands and fingers and easy to direct through your work for the desired end result.  It's the perfect 6 piece set, from beginner to seasoned pro, and will be the tools you reach for in many of your modeling and sculpting needs.

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Price: $9.50
Product ID MM-1350
Gypsona Medical Grade Plaster Bandages
MM-1350 Gypsona Medical Grade Plaster Bandages are premium quality and set up very quickly with outstanding professional results.  Gypsona is the number one brand preferred by special makeup effects artists and hobbyists for life casting needs because they are well known to be very smooth and super creamy yet render superior strength results.  Once wet and formed around a rubber or alginate mold, the bandages dry fairly quickly and form a rigid support shell (mother mold) that holds the mold firmly in shape during the casting process.  They can also be used, free-formed, to make  a variety of quick and easy appliances.

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Price: $4.09
Product ID MM-1396
Monster Makers Premium Grade Modeling Clay

Monster Makers Premium Grade Modeling Clay is a professional grade sulfur free oil/wax based sculpting medium. This re-useable clay is composed entirely of non-toxic food grade components which makes it the world's most Eco-Friendly sculpting medium.  Monster Clay's ultra smooth formulation features a low melt temperature and a low tack feel that will not stick to tools or fingers.  It has high plasticity with a unique elastic quality, much like soft taffy when warmed up.  At average room temperature Monster Clay is firm enough to capture even the finest details, and melts easily to a pourable consistency.  It's perfect for making copies of life casts especially where changes are needed, and can be re-melted and re-used indefinitely.  It's also compatible for use with platinum silicone molding compounds.  Whats more, Monster Clay has a lower density than the average brand of oil based clays, which means that in every 5 lb tub you get approximately 25% more clay per pound without the added cost!  It's the sculpting clay of choice for A-List professional sculptors and creature designers all over the world. Top industry SFX professionals have used Monster Clay for their famous work, including Academy Award Winning SFX Artist, Rick Baker, Steve Wang, Aris Kolokontes, and Tom Lauten.

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Price: $29.99
Product ID MM-1457
4 piece Stainless Steel Carver Tool Set

4 Piece Stainless Steel Carver Tool Set is a polished high-strength stainless steel assortment of 8 different shapes and sizes on 4 double ended tools, and perfect for use with clay, wax, foam, or other kinds of soft sculpting mediums.  These carvers are finely crafted with knurled handles for a more secure slip-resistant grip when in use.  Each end performs important tasks such as shaping, carving, texturing, forming, modeling, scraping, retouching, removing material, smoothing, and all kinds of small detail work.  They are great tools in helping to form designs, accessing small spaces and undercuts, even cleaning out molds. 

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Price: $9.50
Product ID MM-1545
Royal and Langnickel Glue and Acid Brush Set

Royal and Langnickel Glue and Acid Brush Set contains 6 identical brushes that can be used with all kinds of SFX paints, materials, acids, adhesives, and other industrial products.  They are the ideal choice when you need a more industrial grade low cost brush in applying or manipulating any of these mediums effectively in your project.  These sturdy brushes are made of a fine grade solvent resistant synthetic black bristles firmly crimped on a durable metal handle, and are an important tool used by special effects makeup artists as well as arts and crafts hobbyists.  The 6 inch overall length makes it comfortable to use and easy on the hand in application, as well as keeping hands and fingers mess free.  Because they are so inexpensive they can be single use only with a particular medium or glue, or cleaned out with soap and water and reused again.  They have a million vital uses, from application needs to finishing touches to cleaning makeup or craft tools and equipment, which is why they are a core tool in every professional SFX artist’s lab, tool box, or makeup kit!

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Price: $1.19
Product ID MM-1546
Royal and Langnickel Ribbon Tool Set

Royal and Langnickel Ribbon Sculpting Tool Set is an excellent core set of sculpting modeling, detailing and trimming implements pro sculptors, potters, and modelers love to use.  These smaller styled loop tools are easier to grip and handle in your work, and are perfect for all kinds of sculpting, modeling, carving, shaping, scraping, cutting, trimming, texturing, embossing, smoothing and finishing work, and right down to the finest details needed in your designs.  They feature 6 different triangular and circular 1/4" wide loop sizes that meet just about every need you will have in creating different shapes and effects.  The tools are made of fine ribbon steel that has been firmly crimped and set in a 1/4" diameter by 4.5" long aluminum handle, and heat tempered for maximum strength.  They also have an engraved non slip feature added into the handle grips for extra stability in hold and movement.  For pros and novices alike, these ribbon sculpting tools are ideal for working in all kinds of sculpting and modeling mediums such as clay, soap, wax, plaster, polymer clay, pottery clay, ceramic greenware, bread dough, you name it!

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Price: $7.99