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Product ID MM-1042
Graftobian Modeling Wax

Graftobian Modeling Wax is soft enough to create simulated injuries and facial distortions, yet firm enough to keep the end result stable in place. 

This wax product is ideal to create easy makeup effects such as a bullet hole, broken nose, warts, deep lacerations, and whatever else your imagination can come up with.  It's also great to use as a hair blocking agent such as the brows.

See details for more information.

Price: $4.59
Product ID MM-1043
Graftobian Flexible Wax Sealer

Graftobian Flexible Wax sealer is a flexible liquid plastic product is used to paint over a finished modeling wax effect to seal it and create a protective skin on the wax prior to makeup application.

See details for more information.

This product is flammable and considered hazardous material (HAZMAT).  Due to HAZMAT regulations, this product is ground shipping only within the USA and cannot be shipped overseas.

Price: $13.99
Product ID MM-1044
Graftobian Tooth Wax

Graftobian Tooth Wax is the "go to" product for the classic knocked out tooth or broken teeth look, or to simulate decaying and rotted teeth. 

See details for more information.

Price: $5.49
Product ID MM-1045
Graftobian Blood Gel

Graftobian Blood Gel is a syrup based theatrical blood with the consistency of super thick honey, and perfectly simulates human coagulating blood with a very slow drip.  The deep red vein color and texture is super realistic, especially for HD film and TV work, and stays wet and shiny looking once applied.  This blood gel is a favorite go-to product by SFX artists for specific blood effects that will stay in place for a clotted, seeping blood look.  It's ideal to use in skin scrapes, road rash, cuts, or any open wound simulation that needs congealing, oozing or scabby looking blood effects.  The color renders true for film and TV use and in real time, especially for disaster drills and training exercises.

See details for more information and product usage.

Also available in a 1 gallon pail which is special order only. This size does not qualify for free shipping due to the weight of the pail.   All gallon pails ship directly from the manufacturer so please allow up to 10 days for delivery, especially during holidays.

Price: $6.59
Product ID MM-1046
Graftobian Stage Blood

Graftobian Stage Blood is one of the top selling theatrical blood products on the market.  The color, texture and opacity makes it ideal for a variety of staging uses, and is safe to use in the mouth in blood capsules. The water/syrup based formula is prized for it's viscosity that truly mimics the characteristics of real human blood.  It even dries and crusts up in a brownish color fashion the way real blood does.  Graftobian Stage Blood delivers an absolute real-to-the-eye look whether it drips from a wound simulation or dries on skin or clothing.  Safe to use on artifical skins too.  Best of all the color is perfect - not too blue or too orange - for use in Ultra High Definition camera work.

See details for more information.



Price: $5.39
Product ID MM-1047
Graftobian Blood Paste

MM-1047 Graftobian Blood Paste is a very stiff and dense textured theatrical blood product that once applied it holds a firm shape, and stays in place with a dull sheen (semi-gloss) look.  The thick consistency is moveable, allowing you to trowel, smear, or mold it into an injury simulation, and it positively will not drip.  It has great color and adhesion qualities to skin and prosthetic materials which makes it perfect to use as bloody looking wound filler for film and TV, and especially for casualty simulation moulage work. 

See details for more information.

Price: $6.29
Product ID MM-1048
Graftobian Magic Blood Powder

Graftobian Blood Powder is water activated to give a variety of startling wound results.  Applied dry it is a pinkish colored powder that is invisible, but when sprayed with water or glycerin it turns dark red, like the result of a bad accident!  

See details for using this product.

Price: $3.99
Product ID MM-1049
Graftobian Spirit Gum

MM-1049 Graftobian Spirit Gum is the classic simple adhesive product with superior tack and hold.  It dries with a flat no shine texture and provides for longer wear over other brands of spirit gums.  It's the preferred spirit gum used by professional artists working in stage and screen.  Graftobian has been the leading U.S. manufacturer (and supplier to other companies) of the highest grade and quality spirit gum for the SFX industry, theatrical, and costume trades, so it's reliability is second to none.  Actors and consumers alike, as well as Cosplay costumers, find this adhesive easy to apply with a brush or swab, and removes quickly with Graftobian's Spirit Gum Remover. 

See details for more information.

This product is flammable and considered hazardous material (HAZMAT).  Due to HAZMAT regulations, this product is ground shipping only within the USA and cannot be shipped overseas.

Price: $8.49
Product ID MM-1050
Graftobian Spirit Gum Remover

MM-1050 Graftobian Spirit Gum Remover is a very skin-gentle yet highly effective adhesive remover specially designed to dissolve away and detach the spirit gum bond between skin and the appliance, or false hair application.  It's non-irritating ingredients safely removes excess spirit gum residue from skin and appliances without stripping the skin's surface or damaging the false hair or prosthetic appliance.  This alcohol and chemical solvent free formula is also excellent to use in removing other brands of spirit gum and makeup adhesive.  Most importantly it does not contain any Naphtha, a very strong chemical solvent agent that can lead to serious skin irritation.

See details for more information.

Price: $5.29
Product ID MM-1051
Graftobian Castor Seal

MM-1051 Graftobian Castor seal is a fine grade of castor oil used to protect and give proper finish to surfaces that have no natural oil in them.  It is also an excellent surface lubricant for smoothing edges of a wax application, or it can be used as an excellent thinning agent for all cream based makeup.  It provides a natural sealant and transparency on bald caps, wrinkle stipples, and other types of rubber appliances before a makeup applications.  Great to use as a finishing gloss for lip color, and it even adds natural moisture and an instant healing layer to dry or chapped skin!

See details for information and useful tips.


Price: $3.99
Product ID MM-1052
MEL Products Plastic Bald Cap in 4 Sizes

MEL Products Plastic Bald Cap in 4 Sizes is the SFX industry standard in plastic/vinyl bald cap applications, and the #1 preferred choice by SFX artists all over the world.  They are made by top tier pro SFX arists FOR artists, so you can be sure they are ultra-professional grade in delivering the thinnest, most realistic and durable wear plastic caps that produce life-like results!  Designed and created by the Emmy and Oscar award winning SFX artist team at MEL Products, these plastic bald caps are the most requested and used in major movies, TV shows, and stage productions.  They can be applied with your favorite adhesive and the edges easily and quickly blended off with acetone.  Pro artists love the features, size choices, and great fit they deliver, with a generously designed nape and hairline edge to give a truly customized fit.  The delicate thin edges blend off to deliver realistic looking skin results.  These plastic caps are also the perfect alternative to latex bald caps, and will not cause any allergic reactions.  Easy to color with your favorite color mediums, such as RMG, airbrush makeup, and especially MELPAX Paints.

See details for more information.

Price: $34.99
Product ID MM-1053
Graftobian Makeup Remover

Graftobian Makeup Remover is a gentle oil based makeup remover that does a very nice job of loosening, dissolving and removing all kinds of creme based makeup.  It is especially good for quick removal of heavy theatrical type makeup, or as a final wipe of any remaining adhesive residue on the face from prosthetic use.  Use it to remove these kinds of product before you do your regular cleansing routine.  The combination of ingredients work quickly so there is minimal irritation to skin due to rubbing and wiping.

See details for more information.


Price: $5.29
Product ID MM-1054
Graftobian Liquid Pain and Sorrow

Graftobian Liquid Pain and Sorrow is a versatile glycerin based product used by all makeup artists for a variety of needs and makeup effects such as simulating beads of perspiration, tears for a crying effect, wound simulation "ooze", and even as a lip gloss!  It can be used to make a paste from powders, thin down any water based airbrush makeup for a semi-flat or dewey finish, or even as an easy and quick thinning agent for cream makeup.  Mix it with water for a quick and easy moisturizing spray or for a dewy skin finish!

See details for more information.

Price: $6.30
Product ID MM-1055
Sculpting and Modeling Spatula

MM-1055 Sculpting and Modeling Spatula is a high quality stainless steel forged tool with a uniquely shaped spatula on both ends.  It serves double duty for performing various sculpting and modeling procedures in wax, clays, plasters, or any other soft textured materials.  Each end is firm in its shape so it won't bend or flex under pressure.  This tool can be used for a great variety of detailing needs, for scooping out materials, or to mix colors and textures during modeling or sculpting.  It's a must have staple for any serious makeup artist kit! 

See details for more information.


Price: $7.49
Product ID MM-1062
Graftobian Pro FX Rubber Mask Grease Wheel

Graftobian Pro F/X Rubber Mask Grease (RMG) is made especially for use directly over latex materials, such as simulated wound appliances, bald caps, etc., without the need for sealing the surface prior to applying cream makeup.  This is positively the best RMG formula on the market, and preferred by professional makeup artists for the quality results they produce, especially for HDTV.

These wheels are the perfect size to have a variety of colors on hand in a kit friendly size, and they are refillable.  They are perfect to use for character or casualty simulation makeup because they are richly pigmented and much longer wearing than traditional theatrical makeup. 

See details for more information and use.

Price: $22.99
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