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Product ID MM-1394
Goshman Foam Clown Noses
Goshman Clown Noses are known worldwide as simply the best quality available in novelty foam products. They are the softest, most comfortable, brightest colored, and best holding clown noses available on the market. 

They have long been a time-honored part of famous professional clown costumes and clown hobbyists alike.  They are known the world over in novelty, magic tricks, and fun shops and costuming stores as the most requested product for a variety of clown performers. 

See details for more information.
List Price: $1.99
Price: $0.50
Product ID MM-1396
Monster Makers Premium Grade Modeling Clay

Monster Makers Premium Grade Modeling Clay is a professional grade sulfur free oil/wax based sculpting medium. This re-useable clay is composed entirely of non-toxic food grade components which makes it the world's most Eco-Friendly sculpting medium.  Monster Clay's ultra smooth formulation features a low melt temperature and a low tack feel that will not stick to tools or fingers.  It has high plasticity with a unique elastic quality, much like soft taffy when warmed up.  At average room temperature Monster Clay is firm enough to capture even the finest details, and melts easily to a pourable consistency.  It's perfect for making copies of life casts especially where changes are needed, and can be re-melted and re-used indefinitely.  It's also compatible for use with platinum silicone molding compounds.  Whats more, Monster Clay has a lower density than the average brand of oil based clays, which means that in every 5 lb tub you get approximately 25% more clay per pound without the added cost!  It's the sculpting clay of choice for A-List professional sculptors and creature designers all over the world. Top industry SFX professionals have used Monster Clay for their famous work, including Academy Award Winning SFX Artist, Rick Baker, Steve Wang, Aris Kolokontes, and Tom Lauten.

See details for more information.

Price: $29.99
Product ID MM-1397
CollodaColor Rigid Collodion Scarring Material

CollodaColor Rigid Collodion Scarring Material is a liquid cellulose based material created for special makeup effects that comes in 5 different translucent colors, as well as clear, to make quick cuts, scars, and burns.  When painted directly on skin it slightly wrinkles and shrinks down as it dries, making a “puckered” indentation that resembles these disfigurements.  The more layers you paint over the first application the more it deepens and adds contrast to the effect.  The selections available of the pre-colored material provides instant convenience in creating cuts, scars, burns and other types of casualty simulation injuries with a tinted finish that you can use as is, or build up with additional coloring materials and other types of makeup to achieve the drama results you need.

See details for more information.  

NOTE:  This product is HAZMAT and is ground shipping only within the continental US.  Not available for foreign purchase or shipment.

Price: $5.99
Product ID MM-1404
Plastic Appliance Material Sculpting and Molding Medium
Plastic Appliance Material Sculpting and Molding Medium is a methacrylate based theatrical product - also known as "scar" or "burn" material - that can be applied directly to skin or sculpted by hand (pre-made) to create small "out of kit" wounds such as cuts, burns, blisters, raised scars, split lip, etc.  Simply apply material and work it into the shape desired, and allow to dry down completely.  The end result is a flexible appliance that moves naturally with skin and can be extrinsically colored with makeup.  This is a great alternative to gelatin based products used for the same effects, and unlike gelatin it produces a more wearable and durable appliance that is waterproof and climate proof.  Great for all kinds of casualty simulation needs, and perfect to use as an encapsulator for gelatin, silicone, and other kinds of SFX materials.  It compares in quality and performance to Kryolan Tuplast, RCMA Scar Material and WM Creations Scar Material, but at a more economical price!

See details for more information.

This product is flammable and considered hazardous material (HAZMAT). Due to HAZMAT regulations, this product is ground shipping only within the USA and cannot be shipped overseas. 


Price: $11.49
Product ID MM-1411

Silicolor, is a clear cosmetic grade acrylic copolymer that has a variety of uses for special makeup effects needs. It is so multi-purpose in use, and can be mixed with airbrush makeup, rubber mask grease, cake makeups, dyes, and powder pastes that result in a waterproof form of that material.  It's great to use when adding extrinsic coloring to silicone gel filled appliances, gelatin, or foam latex appliances.  It's a must have solution for a variety of waterproof or durable wear needs. 

See details for more information on how to use this product.

Price: $11.99
Product ID MM-1413
Mehron Stage Blood with Capsules
mehron logo

Mehron Stage Blood with Capsules is an all in one inclusive set that contains everything you need to create life-like bleeding effects from the mouth.  The package contains food grade clear gelatin capsules, and a mouth safe syrup-based theatrical blood made from non-toxic edible ingredients that won't stain skin or teeth.  These products are FDA approved and safe to use in and around the mouth for a realistic appearance in film, TV, or for staging in a casualty simulation training exercise that calls for an active mouth bleed.  They deliver the realistic looking blood spurting or oozing results you need for those scenes that call for those kinds of effects, and the capsules can also be pre-filled several hours in advance and prior to the need.

See details for more information.

Price: $4.29
Product ID MM-1415
Mehron Coagulated Blood Gel
mehron logo

Mehron Coagulated Blood Gel is a thickened stage blood - much like a jam texture - that once applied it will pretty much stay put, but will also slowly drip, like the real thing.  It's ideal to use to simulate coagulating blood in cuts, scrapes, gashes, or any injury simulation that calls for realistic looking congealing blood.  It's fast and easy to use in making instant scrapes with a black stipple sponge too, as it delivers realistic looking results for all kinds of congealed or scabby looking blood effects.  Pros love to use it for their film, TV, and stage productions that call for a wet glob of congealed blood that will stay in place for long performances; moulage artists love it for their  disaster drills and training exercises.  Washes off skin easily with soap and warm water and from most fabrics and surfaces, though spot testing is suggested before use.

See details for more information. 

Price: $3.50
Product ID MM-1416
Mehron Sweat and Tears
mehron logo

Mehron Sweat and Tears is literally liquid sweat and tears in a bottle when you don’t have time to create the real thing!  This versatile liquid glycerin mixture is used by makeup artists to create the look of beads of sweat or tears for a crying effect instantly on performers for film, TV and stage when it’s required for their performance.  Once applied it does not evaporate, so it will remain where you put it for as long as you need it.  It also has other great uses besides simulating sweat or tears, such as a thinning or mixing agent, moisturizing agent, shine agent or even as a lip gloss over a lip color.  It's great to use to simulate medical situations such as serous fluid drainage or oozing from a wound too, and it can be tinted with food color to create other kinds of effects too.  Best of all it can be mixed with water to create a facial hydrating spray for a dewey looking finish that also attracts and holds moisture to skin.  This is an important staple product that belongs in every makeup artist's kit!

See details for more information.

Price: $5.99
Product ID MM-1417
Mehron Fixative "A"
mehron logo

Mehron Fixative "A" is a clear liquid plastic medium used as a sealant to provide a barrier shield that dries to a protective flexible and smooth finish over many kinds of prosthetic materials and hand applied makeup designs.  It is ideal to use over SFX creations made from modeling waxes and putties to protect them, and provide a smooth "skin" contact surface for applying makeup and finishing products.  Fixative "A” dries to a hard clear finish and can be used to seal water-based paint makeup designs, making them waterproof with the appearance of a tattooed like result.  It's also ideal to use as a sealant on many other kinds of prosthetic appliances where you need a surface you can apply other types of makeup or finishing products over it.  Best of all you can build it in layers to customize the surface for your particular needs.

See details for more information.

This product is flammable and considered hazardous material (HAZMAT). Due to HAZMAT regulations, this product is ground shipping only within the USA and cannot be shipped overseas.

Price: $4.50
Product ID MM-1418
Mehron ProColorRing Bruise Makeup
mehron logo

Mehron ProColorRing Bruise Makeup is a 5 color palette that contains the correct bruise shades typically seen in real bruise injuries and black eye contusions.  This cream makeup formula applies easily and smoothly for professional results, and you can use these same colors to re-create the advancing stages of a real bruise; from a fresh red to a bluish advancing stage to the yellow, blue, and green seen in healing bruises.  Not only can you make realistic looking bruises and black eyes, but it's great to use for simulating cuts, scratches, road rash, bullet wounds and even dirty looking wounds.  This compact 5 color wheel is easy to stow in any SFX makeup kit, and will be all you need to create

See details for more information.

Price: $13.25
Product ID MM-1422
DRY, by Premiere Products

MM-1422 DRY, by Premiere Products is a topical skin spray application that is formulated to retard perspiration under all kinds of makeup and prosthetic appliances.  It's great to use under bald caps and heavy character/clown makeup!  Apply DRY to the face and neck prior to the beginning of any makeup application and allow to dry thoroughly to set.  It can also be combed through the hair under a bald cap.  When DRY is used repeatedly in pre-makeup preparations it becomes even more durable and effective in inhibiting perspiration.

See details for more information.

This product is considered hazardous material (HAZMAT). Due to HAZMAT regulations, this product is ground shipping only within the USA and cannot be shipped overseas.

Price: $19.50
Product ID MM-1436
Graftobian ProPaint Face and Body Paint
Pro Paint Logo

Graftobian ProPaint Face and Body Paint is a fabulous selection of water-activated cake makeup shades for face and body painting, and with a rich creamy texture that delivers intensely pigmented color for beautiful professional looking results.  This fragrance-free formula has the most dynamic collection of bold colors carefully edited for their vibrancy, application ease and coverage, and delivers a full color saturated finish that stays put without cracking or peeling.   ProPaint™ utilizes an extremely pigmented glycerin-based formula that provides exceptional opacity and smoothness with a color brilliance in durable wear that is unsurpassed by other brands.  It's the product of choice for top face and body painting pros and consumers alike for it's long wearing comfort on skin, and without feeling heavy or greasy.  ProPaint™ blends seamlessly on skin, hair or nails and gives the artist full control over the intensity and depth of color desired during the application process.  These bold, vibrant and stunning colors are the perfect choice for stage and theater as well as Cosplay, Anime, super heroes, movie and comic book characters, children's face painting, Steam Punk, you name it and paint it!
See details for more information.
Price: $12.50
Product ID MM-1439
Makeup Special Effects for Casualty Simulation Arts DVD, by Graftobian

MM-1439 Makeup Special Effects for Casualty Simulation Arts DVD, by Graftobian Makeup Company is the ultimate instructional video in in creating makeup special effects for ultra realistic and medically accurate wound simulations, also known as moulage.  This DVD is packed with technology and step by step techniques in the art of creating life-like body traumas, whether for military or civilian mass casualty training scenarios or and film and TV productions, that require high quality injury simulations.  The video is the ideal introduction for novice artists to the art of casualty simulation medical makeup, with a moulage professional demonstrating 10 of the most frequently created traumas using Graftobian products.  You will also learn other important elements of "high-definition high-fidelity" casualty simulation you won't find on any other makeup special effects video!

See details for more information.

List Price: $26.99
Price: $19.99
Product ID MM-1440

MM-1440 REEL CREATIONS™ REEL Hair Scalp Shadow is specially formulated with matting agents for use on the scalp to help create the look of a fuller head of hair.  Not only does it subtly create shadowing in sparse areas to mimic realistic looking hair fullness, but it also eliminates scalp shine.  This is the easy and professional way to disguise balding areas around the hairline and throughout the head where you need it.  It can also be used as subtle beard stipple, filling in sparse beards, or blending in areas with false hair applications.  It's also great to use for quick and subtle dirt effects too!

See details for more information.


This product is considered hazardous material (HAZMAT).  Due to HAZMAT regulations, this product is ground shipping only within the USA and cannot be shipped overseas.


Price: $19.00
Product ID MM-1441
BGE Coagulated Blood FX

MM-1441 BGE Coagulated Blood FX is truly a unique theatrical blood product that is designed to look, act, and feel to the touch like coagulated  or congealing human blood.  This is not like other common blood pastes or gels on the market but a unique globular, slightly stringy congealed form that is easy to apply.  It won't move, slip or slide once it's in place.  The product can be picked up with a cotton swab or other type of applicator and applied, moved around, or re-applied on a different area without falling apart.  It never dries up and always remains moist looking.  Medical personnel love this product for simulation because of it's extreme realism and clotted looking effect. 

See details for more information.

Price: $15.99
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