These are the perfect set of double end style polished steel spatulas that you will ever need, and with 8 different shape ends to work with.  Styled with slip-resistant grip knurled handles, they are great for all kinds of movment in your sculpting medium, especially clay, waxes, and other soft sculpting mediums.  These are a must have core set of tools for every sculptor so you can carve, smooth, scrape, plane, trim, seal, clean, remove or whatever your scuplting and modeling needs are to acheive your perfect end results.

These high strength polished stainless steel tools deliver precise results where you need them in in your sculpting process.  Each tool has a size range from approximately 4. 6" to 7 1/2".  This spatula set will work in all kinds of art forms, such as for sculpting, crafting, hobbies, even woodworking.  They will never rust, easy to clean, and built to last.  Sold as a set with a plastic storage pouch included.

Weight 0.1 oz


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