244 Fluid is a common ingredient in a wide variety of cosmetics for it's spreading and lubrication properties, and it is safe for skin use. It is also an effective non-greasy makeup remover, and works well to remove certain prosthetic type adhesives.

244 Fluid has also been used to thin down other silicone based makeup products, such as commercially prepared silicone based liquid foundations or airbrush ready silicone products, to spray through the airbrush.  It is a companion cleansing product to flush silicone based products from airbrushes.

To use as a thinning agent: use by drops to thin the viscosity of the foundation just enough for a sprayable medium.  Too much will cause undesirable separation.  DO NOT use 244 to thin water-based, glycerin-based, acrylic-based or alcohol-based foundations. 

This product is not available for purchase outside of the USA.  Ground shipping only within the continental USA.

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