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Suzanne’s Signature Sauces Settles Oily & Sweaty Skin Issues – Part 1

By Suzanne Patterson

Oily skin and perspiration are always those pesky little problems to overcome in achieving smooth long-wearing makeup results. For years, pro makeup artists have searched the world over for the perfect prepping and priming products that will calm, clean, and temporarily seal oily and sweaty skin for optimal foundation application and wear. […]

Concealers: A Gal’s Best Beauty Friend – Part 2

Ask any makeup artist about concealers and they will agree it’s the one beauty product that has powerful capabilities: from hiding to highlighting or providing opaque coverage for a particular problematic skin area. Concealers have a variety of coverages and textures that can instantly bring alive a tired looking face, visually wash away the effects […]

Concealers: A Gal’s Best Beauty Friend – Part 1

Without a doubt, concealers are magic wands in the beauty arsenal of makeup artists. We consider them a crucial element of the foundation process in creating the flawless face, especially for digital still photography and HDTV. You can have the best laid base and powder but it is concealer that is the “magician technician” in […]

Climate Controlled Makeup Application – Part 2

When I originally began experimenting with and developing my own techniques for waterproof makeup applications, I thought back to a famous movie star of the 40’s and 50’s, Esther Williams, who was a competitive swimming champion and national record holder, and starring in the popular “Aquacade” style musicals of that era. Her makeup team at […]

Climate Controlled Makeup Application – Part 1

Picture this: you have a work of art to do on an actress’s face that will be shot in 5K format HD with some very tight close-ups. The makeup requirements are that it must have high performance continuity in a very long day’s shoot under very humid conditions, including heat and staging lights. Count on […]