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Concealers: A Gal's Best Beauty Friend – Part 1 |


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Concealers: A Gal’s Best Beauty Friend – Part 1

Smear of foundationWithout a doubt, concealers are magic wands in the beauty arsenal of makeup artists. We consider them a crucial element of the foundation process in creating the flawless face, especially for digital still photography and HDTV.  You can have the best laid base and powder but it is concealer that is the “magician technician” in making just about every skin flaw, such as blemishes, under eye circles, redness and other types of discolorations visually disappear.  Concealers make a dynamic impact in helping the complexion look clean, fresh, healthier and more vibrant, which is the ultimate makeup goal.  Whether for everyday wear or for camera ready makeup, it’s vital that the concealer application blends out for a natural look on skin and with undetectable results.  This depends greatly on the concealer’s performance features chosen for the problems you are trying to disguise, so it’s critical that the color, coverage, texture, and finish is right for the task.

Women are ofconcealerten confused about two main things when choosing concealers: how to select the right formula (color, coverage, and texture) that works for their needs, and how to apply them properly for the most natural looking finished results.  It’s time to clear up the mystery around these masters of disguise with some simplified information that will help produce the three important results every woman looks for from a concealing product.  First, you want a concealer that gives smooth blending coverage without obvious texture in the finish. Second, you want a formula that stays put with long wear, and doesn’t need touching up.  Third, you need virtually crease free wear, especially around the eyes.  The main thing to know about concealers is that the initial texture of the product (pots, tubes, sticks, etc), along with the amount of pigmentation it holds, rules the blend and application results.

Concealers come in liquids, thick ointments, semi-solid creams, and solid stick products. Ointments, creams and sticks typically hold the highest concentration of pigment, so you have more opacity and more cconcealer3overage capability to work with. These concealers can provide the most professional looking results, especially when you need to sheer down the texture without losing pigmentation strength for use in high discoloration/blemished areas.  Liquid concealers (including wand style tubes) have less concentration of pigment and are pretty much “as is” from the container.  They are great for brightening or creating a softer focus around the eye area, and can help to visually reduce the appearance of minor lines and imperfections for a smoother and more radiant look.  Liquid concealers are also great to use when you don’t want to wear full base and powder, but just clean up and smooth out those few areas of darkness, discoloration or minor imperfections for a more even looking complexion.

Stay tuned for Part 2 for more tips and techniques in achieving smooth and natural looking results in working with different types of concealers.  Like what you’ve read so far? Please comment and share this article here:

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