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Climate Controlled Makeup Application – Part 1 |


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Climate Controlled Makeup Application – Part 1

Picture this:  you have a work of art to do on an actress’s face that will be shot in 5K format HD with some very tight close-ups.  The makeup requirements are that it must havs-WATERPROOF-MAKEUP-TRICKS-largee high performance continuity in a very long day’s shoot under very humid conditions, including heat and staging lights.  Count on minimal “last looks” (touch ups) with a packed shot sheet schedule, regardless of whether the scene calls for her to get rained on, cry, swim, or just sweat.  You’ve been given a very slim budget, along with a super early call time (and of course not enough chair time with your talent) on the day of the shoot.  Oh, and you just found out the makeup has to be completely waterproof in wear.  Did I also mention that the actress has extremely oily skin to work with?  So you are asking yourself: can I perform supernatural makeup magic wonders that saves time and money yet looks picture flawless from wet to dry, never looking oily in camera all day long…. regardless of these extreme makeup conditions?

It sounds like a tall tale makeup fable for sure, but this is an absolute true case scenario that many makeup artists have had to work with, including myself.   It may seem intimidating and discouraging at first, but embrace it as one of the best test and trial experiences that a makeup artist can work througFaux-Naturel-mdnh successfully, along with a positive outcome and stronger skill expertise.   Trust yourself to do this and “adventure” through it with newfound proficiency.   The key to elevating your skills under greater challenges like this has always been to lean on and utilizing your strength of knowledge in the performance mechanics of your makeup products along with refined application techniques.  In this case, it’s just moving it up a notch a bit, with some cleverness in product usage and methodology mixed in.   This will test your talents for sure, but you will come out of this with a higher level of competency AND confidence, that will advance your reputation as the go-to artist for makeup hostile filming environments.

So what is the best way to tackle this monumental task for a successful outcome?  Decide what the operative words are in this situation, from the skin to the makeup finish, which ultimately drives the end result.  As I see it, “oily skin” and “waterproof” are the opposing forces here, so that means the makeup must be built (from bare skin up) with minimal layering that will stand up to wear and maintenance.  Your choice of products and application techniques will also affect how the color, coverage, texture and finish will last under these extreme conditions.  So, it all starts with skin preparation techniques that will give you the best, longer-lasting makeup performance edge under heat, humidity, moisture, and oily skin issues.  This is where your cosmetic chemistry and ingredient knowledge is far more important than the name brand, because understanding how cosmetic ingredients applied to a specific skin type will perform in extreme makeup conditions can make or break your success in this situation.

In my view th0e0c3021044b50b736cfc16f2be49133is means avoiding gel, oil, or silicone based skin preps, and even moisturizers, because these kinds of products contribute to faster makeup break down on oily skin, especially under heat conditions.  All moisturizers have slip agents that can actually inhibit the foundation from good initial bonding on oily skin, and can be the main culprit in makeup disintegration under adverse conditions.  Use a skin prep product that gently clears out surface oils without stripping the skin’s protective lipid layer, and increases bonding with a priming product.  I love Natural Born Cosmetics Radiance Boost Freshener which is a mild, fast acting liquid that doesn’t leave any dry down residue.  Next, I apply only one skin priming product in a very thin layer, and I prefer it to be a mattifying/anti-shine product, such as Natural Born Cosmetics Liquid Powder Shine Eliminator.  This keeps the skin clean, smooth, and sealed for a perfect lock-on to the foundation base, virtually eliminating the foundation base from migrating or breaking apart.  In part two of this series we will continue on with foundation and concealing products that work the best for climate controlled makeup, along with powdering and sealing techniques.

2 comments to Climate Controlled Makeup Application – Part 1

  • Jessica

    Thanks for this, makeup issues like these are always a challenge to tackle especially with humidity issues on top of a client having oily skin. I’m trying to get started with my freelancing and any tips and tricks from those who have had these issues are always so great to read!

  • Please feel free to email us for any information about products and techniques used by our resident professional makeup artist for climate control makeup. Part 2 in this series has just been published, so take a look 🙂

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