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Summer Time Tips for Maintaining Artificial Nail Product Wear |


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Summer Time Tips for Maintaining Artificial Nail Product Wear

Summer time means pretty sun dresses, sandals and shorts outfits, so we want our fingers and toes to bring a “polished” finish to our looks!  The warm weather always inspires us to more serious attention to nailfake-nails-for-kids maintenance and color selection, along with an array of those cute nail art designs.  The growing popularity of stick-on manicures and custom designed acrylic nail art has increased as a forward fashion trend among the old and young alike, and its here to stay.  

To make manicures and pedicures longer lasting and durable in wear between nail salon visits, more women are opting to go with semi-permanent gel and acrylic finishes. You can achieve beautiful chip-free looking results, but realize that long term wear of these nail products comes at a price to the health of nails.  So how do you balance healthy nail care with continued wear of these kinds of applications?

One of the best things you can do is to take periodic breaks from wearing artificial nail bonding products to allow your nails to breathe properly and grow back into their natural condition.  Once these are removed you will notice the natural nail will be very soft, almost paper thin, and fragile.  They most likely will be ridged, and highly prone to breakage and peeling as they recover their natural thickness and strength.  The key to quicker recovery is to alBeautiful-Fingernails-300x200ways keep a reasonably high moisture balance overall with hair, skin, and nails.

Here are some easy steps you can take, and used consistently will help fortify nails (and your hands) against brittleness and a weakened texture as they grow out.  It is important to keep them short during this time because they are still fragile and prone to breakage.  File in one direction only to help keep natural nail layers from lifting and peeling.  If there are ridges left from the manicure, you can buff them lightly and gently using a high quality buffer.  Don’t overdo the buffing or you will further thin out the nail bed.

Soaking hands in a bath of warm milk and olive oil a couple of times a week does wonders to strengthen and moisturize nails.  Avoid trimming cuticles during this grow out phase,gel-nail as that will further weaken the quality of the recovery process.  Just push them back gently with a cuticle stick after a shower or bath, and use a good cream frequently to keep the moisture level up.  Work a bit extra into the cuticles, and using a good oil at night on them will really help speed their return to a normal state.

You may want to avoid getting a regular manicure during this healing time, but a good clear nail hardener or strengthener applied is actually good thing to help protect them, and provide extra strength to your nails as they recover.  Nails grow faster in summer than any other time of the year, so optimal nail growth and recovery depends on a good diet that is abundant in protein and calcium rich foods.  The vitamin, Biotin has been shown to have a very good effect on nail growth and their overall strength, so you might want to look into this supplement.

Following a good program of regular nail care consistently when you are using artificial nail product applications and during down time will definitely go a long way to keeping your natural nails in a more healthy and recoverable state.

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