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Mascaramentals: Part Four |


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Mascaramentals: Part Four

As I previously mentioned in Part 3, your goal for a beautiful mascara application is maximizing length and volume with good lash separation (no clumps).  I strongly believe in preparing lashes first before applying mascara, for the same reasons I prep and prime skin for a foundation application. Good preparation, whether it is for skin, lashes, or hairstyling, always produces long wear and continuity in results.

I use lash primers for several reasons, and especially if lashes are short, thin,  or sparse in amount.  Fragile or broken off lashes will also greatly benefit from an undercoat of primer.  They do a great job of glazing the lash to the very tips, so you can grab and build the mascara color from the root to over the tips. They also allow you to pre-separate lashes better for a more effective mascara coat. I prefer Natural Born Cosmetics Lash Primer and Conditioner because it won’t dry out lashes, even if you use it every day, as it also contains good lash conditioning ingredients.

Another important reason to use a lash primer is to help encapsulate and bring forward even the tiniest or invisible of lashes due to their thin structure or faint natural color.  Also, lashes that have broken or tapered off tips greatly affect how full and long the lashes look in the final mascara results.

Prepping lashes with a primer, from root to tip is the “underwear” that can dramatically improve volume and length, and act as a lash protector under any formula of mascara. This is especially important if you use waterproof mascara, as a primer will make it a bit easier to remove with far less tugging on lashes.  For the best results in a lash primer application make absolutely certain there is no cream or oil on the lashes, and that they are clean and free of any previous mascara application.

An important tool you will need in the lash priming process is a metal tooth lash comb for separating lashes more effectively.  Forget the plastic toothed comb/ brush combo, as the plastic teeth are too large and clumsy to really reach between the lashes for individual separation, especially with thin and sparse volume lashes. Apply the lash primer in a thin coat, working the brush from root to tip. Allow to almost dry and then separate lashes with metal comb.  If you desire you can apply another very thin coat of lash primer, and work the brush a little bit behind the lashes, especially at the tips.  I do not recommend more than two thin coats, just to where lashes look like they have a light “whitish” coating, for the most natural looking results under mascara.

Stay tuned to Part 5 for mascara application, tools and techniques.

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