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December, 2011 |


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Mascaramentals: Part Three

No matter how thin, sparse, or short your lashes might be you can bring out their best length and volume just by following a few simple tricks of the trade. It starts with knowing what kind of natural lashes you have to build with, and the rest is combining the right mascara products with tools […]

Mascaramentals: Part Two

Mascara is historically documented as a prized cosmetic used in ancient times. The early Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians were very fond of painting their eyes, and frequently used a substance called kohl to darken their lashes, eyebrows, and eyelids. In the late 1880’s through 1905, two chemists in different countries (Eugene Rimmel and T. L. […]

Mascaramentals: Part One

Mascaramentals, you say? Without a doubt, mascara is the world’s most elemental and celebrated cosmetic creation It’s the one beauty product that can instantly enhance any eye shape fast simply by bringing out the fringe. Even lean lashes can go from here to there, and give lift, brightness and excitement to the eyes with a […]