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TraumaSkin FX Ultra Sculpt Silicone Modeling Paste
Product ID MM-1511

TraumaSkin FX Ultra Sculpt Silicone Modeling Paste

  • Description

TraumaSkin FX™ Ultra Sculpt™ Modeling Paste is a next generation advanced formula created to meet the need of a mess free firm paste texture that can be used in any indoor/outdoor environment with minimal tool needs and clean up.  You will never have to deal with messy silicone liquids and dripping containers as this firm, paste textured silicone is a simple two part (A and B) system that is mixed together in equal amounts by weight or volume to create a thick textured paste medium.  Once thoroughly mixed (for a full minute) using a triangle edge palette knife, MM-1512, it's ready to use to form or shape into all kinds of 3-D wound effects, scars, or any kind of trauma simulation for ultra realistic looking results!

This product is not to be confused with our very popular TraumaSkin FX™ Silicone Modeling Gel, MM-1421, which has a much softer, gel-like texture when mixed for application. This product is so super easy to use that even a beginner artist can create fantastic real-to-the-eye results for all kinds of casualty simulation effects.  Whether you are indoors or outside on location, you won't need any additional tools or specialized clean up products to mix and apply this product; only the flexible blade triangle edge palette knife stated above - that will help you thoroughly mix and blend the Parts A and B -  and 99% alcohol for quick clean up. You mix up only the amount you need so there is no wasting of material, and the result is durable wear -reusable appliances that bend and flex, and look just like real skin!  

Please carefully note: once product is thoroughly mixed for 1 minute in an ambient room temperature of 75-80 degrees with no humidity, it begins to set up and cure into to a solid durable wear appliance in about 10-15 minutes.  That is a baseline estimate only, and the warmer the room temperature or outdoor weather (with no humidity) the faster the cure.  Using a hair dryer directly on your piece during curing time will significantly reduce the set time to about 8-10 minutes.  If there is any humidity in the room or outside area then you will want to use a hair dryer to dissipate the moisture in the air.  All silicone products, regardless of the manufacturer, are very sensitive to moisture in the air and it can slow down the cure time.

To make a pre-made appliance: scoop equal amounts of 
TraumaSkin FX™ Ultra Sculpt™ Modeling Paste Part A and Part B directly onto a non porous mixing surface such as a Glass Sculpting and Modeling Palette, MM-1460, and mix thoroughly for 1 minute, using only a triangle edge palette knife, MM-1512, to thoroughly mix through and soften the paste correctly.  Sculpt the paste until you get the desired results, and then allow it to fully cure. To adhere pre-made appliances to skin simply mix up some more paste - just enough to "butter" the back side - and press directly onto skin until it forms a firm bond.  Or, you can apply it with Telesis 8 Silicone Adhesive, MM-1515, which won't permanently laminate to the piece, and removes completely with Telesis Silicone Adhesive Remover, MM-1518.  Another bonus with this product is that you can also place it into pre-made plaster or resin molds for quick and easy duplication of multiple prosthetic appliances that are re-usable!

To model directly on skin: apply equal amounts of Part A and Part B directly on a non-porous mixing surface, and mix with a triangle edge palette knife thoroughly for 1 minute.  Apply the paste directly onto the skin area and model it into the desired shape, and allow it to cure thoroughly.  It will set up and adhere firmly to skin without any need for additional adhesive.  Now you are ready for any finishing effects, such as extra makeup coloring, blood, dirt effects, etc.  BGE Special Coagulated Blood, MM-1441, is the perfect companion blood effects for injury prosthetics made with TraumaSkin FX™ Ultra Sculpt™ Modeling Paste when you need a very quick finish blood effect. 

TraumaSkin FX™ Ultra-Sculpt™ Silicone Modeling Paste is truly an all-in-one product that produces near instant results for all kinds of special makeup effects, and you are only limited in use by your imagination!  A great feature of this paste is, once it’s cured, you can add more mixed paste onto the cured portions to create even more dramatic effects or build out larger areas, as it laminates firmly and seamlessly to itself.  This allows you to work in small quantities build the effects to the desired results, and with virtually zero waste.  The paste comes in Transparent, Light Flesh, Dark Flesh, and Blood shades for easy color blending to skin, and the colors can be mixed together to create different skin tones.  The Blood color is very handy to have to create even greater customized blood effects into your appliance for saving time and efficiency. 

PRO TIP:  Allow the paste to partially set up to do any finishing details and added dimensions in your designs. 

A 1 oz Kit Contains 1 oz "Part A" and 1 oz "Part B" (total of 2 oz).
A 2 oz Kit Contains 2 oz "Part A" and 2 oz "Part B" (total of 4 oz).
A 16 oz Kit Contains 16 oz "Part A" and 16 oz "Part B" (total of 32 oz


Geniune - Made in USA
Select Product Size
16 oz Kit - Light Flesh
1 oz Kit - Translucent (Clear)
16 oz Kit - Translucent (Clear)
1 oz Kit - Blood Red
16 oz Kit - Blood red
1 oz Kit - Medium Flesh
16 oz Kit - Medium Flesh
Price: $28.00

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