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TraumaSkin FX Cap Plastic and Prosthetic Encapsulator
Product ID MM-1407

TraumaSkin FX Cap Plastic and Prosthetic Encapsulator

  • Description

TraumaSkin FX™ Cap Plastic and Prosthetic Encapsulator is an industry standard product that can be used full strength or with acetone to thin down into a customized ratio for your particular needs.  It allows you to create thin fine meltable edges on bald caps and prosthetic appliances that are easily blended off with acetone when applied to skin for an imperceptible finish.  It's also favored to use as a clay sculpt coating or mold seal to facilitate easy clay removal from a mold.

This clear non-yellowing formula has the strength, great stretch and flexibility you need to give your bald cap or prosthetic appliance the natural movement in wear.  Best of all, it gives you more for the money than the other brands, so you can economically create your own variety of prosthetic appliance needs.  Use it to create GFA’s (gel filled appliances), custom plastic bald caps, even small/thin flexible appliances from molds, such as eyebrow covers, eye bags, ear enhancements or small injury wounds that can be sealed for application.  For making small appliances use the plastic full strength into a prepared mold but apply in very thin layers, and carefully blend out the margins for thin edges.

You can use TraumaSkin FX™ Cap Plastic and Prosthetic Encapsulator to easily repair any brand of plastic bald cap!  It's an excellent encapsulating agent not only for soft silicone appliances but it can also be used on tougher quality gelatin pieces too, or any material that is appropriate for encapsulation.  It delivers beautiful thin tapered edges when properly molded, and delivers a smooth edge blend-off when applied to skin for very realistic looking results.  It's versatile in the method of application, as it can be brushed, sponged, sprayed on your project.  When applied through an airbrush and painted on in thin layers onto a properly prepared flat mold or bald cap form, it delivers a beautiful stretchable “skin”.  You can also obtain super-fine edges in the end product by smoothing down the margins with acetone as you build the layers.  It can also be powdered in-between layers to make a stronger piece or cap.   Can easily be intrinsically colored prior to application, or finished surface can be colored with RMG mixed with alcohol or alcohol activated makeup/inks, etc.

PRO TIP: A bald cap can be created by brushing or airbrush spraying 4 to 6 layers of undiluted plastic cap material on to a prepared plastic head block that has been sprayed with a release agent. Allow the plastic to dry thoroughly between layers.  Cap will be thoroughly dry about 30 minutes after the last coat has dried, and ready to apply and wear. To remove the cap from the block, powder the cap and work a little powder under the cap edges.

TraumaSkin FX™ Cap Plastic and Prosthetic Encapsulator must be stored tightly closed in original containers, and kept at room temperature.  Containers should not be opened until ready for immediate use. To avoid air entrapment, undue agitation of containers should be avoided.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE DIRECTLY ON SKIN! Use in a well ventilated area. Avoid using around children and pets.

For Professional Use Only.

This product is flammable and considered hazardous material (HAZMAT). Due to HAZMAT regulations, this product is ground shipping only within the USA and cannot be shipped overseas.


Geniune - Made in USA
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