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TraumaSkin FX Casting Resin, White
Product ID MM-1463

TraumaSkin FX Casting Resin, White

  • Description

TraumaSkin FX™ White Casting Resin is a fast setting easy to use two part casting resin that turns opaque white when cured, and picks up even the smallest of details in your mold.  It offers economy and versatility in a user friendly product that needs no degassing, and is virtually bubble free when mixed.  It’s also is very forgiving if your mixing ratios are slightly off, and you can add colorants and fillers for a variety of effects  The finished castings are machinable and paintable if you so desire.  These features make this excellent product so easy to use, from beginner to expert, because you can achieve highly professional results from every pour and demold.

Simply measure equal amounts (by weight or volume) of Part A and Part B together in a mixing container, and mix thoroughly for 30-40 seconds.  Stir thoroughly, scraping sides and bottom until no swirls or striations can be seen in the cup.  Once thoroughly mixed, pour the mixture into the mold of your choice (it works perfectly in an alginate mold too!) If you are not using a silicone mold, or pouring the plastic over clay or any other mold type, you must be sure to use a release agent, such as Mann’s Ease Release, MM-1313, over your clay or non-silicone mold.

When pouring the liquid resin mixture into a flat mold cavity it is suggested that you pour slowly from one point in the mold and allow the resin to flow into the details, allowing gravity to spread it evenly.  The resin will turn white as it cures, changing from a liquid to a sold.  Once cured in approximately 10 - 15 min, simply flex the mold and remove your newly created piece that reproduces every detail of your original for a perfect copy.  The finished resin piece can be immediately used as is, or dyed, painted, drilled, sanded or whatever you want to finish it with.

Caution — ALWAYS READ MSDS AND PRODUCT DATA SHEETS FIRST BEFORE USING PRODUCT.  Always wear protective clothing and gloves when using this product, as it can give a skin reaction.  Keep out of reach of children.  Use with adequate ventilation. The product can cause severe irritation to skin and eyes, and prolonged exposure to vapors can cause lung damage. Remove from skin with soap and water. Flush eyes for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.

Note — the shelf life of TraumaSkin FX™ White Casting Resin, as with all brands of casting resins, is slightly reduced after opening.  Remaining product should be tightly capped and stored in a dry place, and used as soon as possible.  Replace the lids on both containers immediately after dispensing it to protect and prolong the shelf life of the unused product.

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Price: $19.99
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