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Product ID: MM-1318
Mehron Rigid Collodion/Scarring Liquid
Mehron Rigid Collodion/Scarring Liquid

Rigid Collodion Scarring Liquid Collodion is a favorite of SFX artists because of the realistic looking effects of skin scarring, cuts, gashes, claw marks, bites, burns, or whatever casualty effect that requires these kind of looks.  It wrinkles and shrinks on the skin as it dries, drawing the skin into an indentation. 

You can create larger or more in-depth looks by repeating the application as many times as you need to achieve the effect you are looking for.  The area where you apply the collodion must have some ability to pucker, so keep this in mind.  If the skin is too smooth or tight it won't render as well. It works best on dry bare skin to create deep skin injury results, especially with repeated layers.

Start out by using the brush to apply a very thin line or spot to a fleshy area of the skin.  For deeper cuts or scarring apply several coats, making sure each layer is dry first before applying another to achieve the best results and a more dramatic look.

This is a great product to use to create all kinds of effects for casualty simulation, character work, such as a Joker, or Pirate, Caveman, Fantasy /Alien, or whatever your imagination can dream up.  For very sensitive skin it is best to apply a skin barrier product, such as Top Guard, MM-1112. Using an acrylic adhesive such as Graftobian Pro Adhesive, MM-1004 also works great.

Pro Tips: for gashes or cuts, a “Y " shape is often the best way due to the way the skin puckers when product dries.  Trace an outline of the desired look with a red makeup pencil first as a guide.

For scars: to make it look like an older scar take a medium brown colored pencil and lightly trace it down the middle of the "scar".  Then use a brush to spread and soften the color out on the scar.  For a fresher looking scar apply a pinkish red colored makeup pencil, and then brush it out.  Putting a pencil coloring on the scar helps to take down the natural shine of the collodion.

Mehron Rigid Collodion is best removed by using CollodaColor Rigid Collodion Remover, MM-1398.  Apply the remover with a cotton ball and wipe until bond is dissolved, and it lifts off without effort. This is especially important to use on sensitive skin.

IMPORTANT: For Professional Use Only! Paint and Powder Cosmetics is not responsible for customer's use or abuse of this product. Do not use any collodion product in or around the eye, nose, or mouth area. Do not use around children or pets. Do not inhale fumes. Use in a well ventilated area.

It is recommended that you spot test a small area on the skin first to determine any allergic reaction. Discontinue use immediately if a reaction develops. Can cause redness or marking to skin when removed improperly, such as lifting off skin directly without using a remover first.

NOTE: This product is HAZMAT and is ground shipping only within the continental US. Not available for foreign purchase or shipment.
Price: $4.50

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