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Product ID: MM-1301
TraumaSkin FX 3-D Casualty Simulation Gelatin
TraumaSkin FX 3-D Casualty Simulation Gelatin

Traumaskin FX Logo

This is the industry's favorite go-to gelatin product for molding and freehand work that produces high realism results for flesh and blood special effects, especially for direct to skin application for casualty simulation moulage.  It has the highest tear strength, high moisture threshold, and greater density over other brands for a firmer result, yet still retains the softness of real skin.  The edges blend off easily with alcohol or alcohol based witch hazel.  

No adhesives or glues are necessary for application because it is self adhering to the skin during the sculpting phase.  Once it sets it will stay put until it is physically removed by gently lifting and peeling, or washing it off with warm water. Best of all, it is reusable.  Just put any solid pieces left over back in the bottle, and reheat again down to a liquid.

This easy to use product allows you to create a variety of realistic looking injuries by simply melting and applying directly to the skin to design your look.  Or, you can pour it into one of our plastic molds
(click here for molds) to make a variety of premade wounds.  It is also very effective as a quick adhesive to apply silicone and latex ready made appliances.  You can use it to dress out other prosthetic applications, or use the red color gel for added built up blood effects. 

Follow these simple steps:

1. Heat bottle slowly in hot water (between 160 and 170 degrees) until gelatin becomes melted into liquid, then test temperature on wrist to make sure it's not too hot or it will cause a burn to the subject's face or body.  We recommend using the Gelatin Hot Pot, MM-1420 for fast, easy, and safe melting of gelatin.

2. Apply gelatin to desired area and shape, swirl, smear, mix, etc., with a tool, such as the Wooden Handle Palette Knife,
MM-1007, into desired effect until the gelatin has cooled.  It will now stay firmly in place but it will remain very flexible.

3. Add blood products such as Graftobian's Stage Blood,
MM-1046, Blood Paste, MM-1047, or Blood Gel, MM-1045, to finish out the look if desired.

4. Simply lift and peel off to remove or wash off with warm water when finished. It washes completely clean from skin and clothing, however the red color may stain clothing so test first before applying on clothing.

5. To mold: simply pour or slush it around in a plastic mold that has been very lightly sprayed with a release agent, such as Ease Release 200, MM-1311.  Allow to cool completely before removing.   Powder with Graftobian's Translucent Powder,
MM-1039, for durability in handling and storage.

CAUTION: DO NOT MICROWAVE BOTTLES TO MELT GELATIN!  Always melt slowly using a double boiler of water or a hot pot of water (see our Gelatin Hot Pot, MM-1420).  Use extreme caution when applying melted gelatin to skin so to avoid any injury or burns that may result from product that is too hot to apply.  Always test temperature for comfort before applying to skin.

Purchaser's use of this product is at their own risk. Paint and Powder Cosmetics assumes no responsibility or liability for purchaser's use or mis-use of this product. Always follow instructions completely and pay notice to cautions in using this product. 

Available in single 2 oz and 4 oz twist top bottles (by volume) per color, 3 bottle packs (Light Flesh, Blood Red, and Clear), and individual 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz (by weight) bulk slabs in all four colors.  
Select Size and Color 2 oz bottle - Light Flesh
2 oz bottle - Dark Flesh
2 oz bottle - Clear
2 oz bottle - Blood Red
4 oz bottle - Light Flesh
4 oz bottle - Dark Flesh
4 oz bottle - Clear
4 oz bottle - Blood Red
3 color kit - 2 oz bottles
3 color kit - 4 oz bottles
8 oz Slab - Light Flesh
8 oz Slab - Dark Flesh
8 oz slab - Clear
8 oz slab - Blood Red
16 oz Slab - Light Flesh
16 oz Slab - Dark Flesh
16 oz slab - Clear
16 oz slab - Blood Red
32 oz Slab - Light Flesh
32 oz Slab - Dark Flesh
32 oz slab - Clear
32 oz slab - Blood Red
Price: $6.50

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