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Product ID: MM-1267
TraumaSkin FX Vinyl-SFX "WMD Pox / Blisters" Appliance
TraumaSkin FX Vinyl-SFX "WMD Pox / Blisters" Appliance
Vinyl-SFX™ prosthetics are fast becoming the preferred ready made appliances because they apply so quickly, easily, and cleanly to skin, and won't lift off once they are applied.  The best thing is that these acrylic vinyl appliance are completely safe and non-allergenic for skin use.  If you don't have the budget for silicone prosthetics then this is the next best thing to achieve high fidelity realism.

These appliances are great for patient simulators (manikins) and adhere just as well to them as real skin. They are so translucent that they take on and blend in perfectly with the natural tones of the skin, including the edges, so there is no need for additional makeup. Once bonded to skin the appliance is waterproof and rub proof, so all you need to add is any finishing touches or theatrical blood.

Directions:  Apply a 99% alcohol product, such as REEL Creations Developer,
MM-1182, or Premiere Products ISO Gel, MM-1111, liberally to the area where you will attach the appliance.  Place the appliance into the wet alcohol product on skin and press and smooth out any air bubbles that may remain underneath.

Keep gently pressing and smoothing the appliance in place until it bonds firmly with skin or the manikin surface.  Take a cotton swab,
PPS-0219 dipped in the 99% alcohol product and saturate only the outer edges (or flashing) of the appliance. Begin to press and roll on the excess edges with the cotton swab, and moving it away from the piece as it separates off.  It should look nicely blended down and appear like it is part of the skin.

Pat down the surface of the appliance with additional alcohol to further improve the clarity and make the appliance even softer and more life-like.  You can do any detail work if you desire with alcohol activated palettes, such as the Military Moulage Casualty Simulation Palette,
MM-1166 or any other special touches you want to add by using a variety of other makeup product combinations.  You are only limited by your imagination!

You can simply finish it out by applying wound fillers such as Graftobian Blood Gel, 
MM-1045, or Blood Paste, MM-1047.  Use Paint and Powder Cosmetics TV Blood, MM-1190-BA, for a very realistic bleeding effect. Try Graftobian's Magic Blood Powder, MM-1048, for a great splattered blood looking effect! 

To remove the appliance simply lift a corner and peel off gently. It can be be re-used and re-blended to skin if you are careful not to blend away too much flashing on the initial application. It's easy to add more flashing around the edges for re-use simply by applying a small amount of TraumaSkin FX
Vinyl-SFX™ Liquid Medium, MM-1284, that has been thinned a bit with water. Place the piece on a smooth surface and add the thinned liquid around the edges. Let dry completely and powder before pulling up.

Note:  For professional use only. These
Vinyl-SFX™ appliances MUST be applied with 99% alcohol ONLY for maximum adhesion and performance. 
Price: $3.89

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